These 15 Elegant Kitchen Designs Will Make You Love Cooking

Want to see some elegant kitchen designs to get motivated for cooking delicious foods? Is your kitchen unfriendly and outdated? You can invest in a thorough renovation, to make a shiny, welcoming, inspiring, and well adjusted kitchen. There are ways in which your cooking space can become fabulous. Have a look at these 15 elegant kitchen designs below.


Sleek Elegance: Steel Accents

Elegant Kitchen Designs

Stainless steel can give your kitchen an elegant look if you don’t overdo it. It doesn’t have to be everywhere. Use it for certain surfaces and accents only. Moderation is key, try to balance it with neutral surfaces. Paired with neutral shades or white, stainless steel looks excellent but, if you wish for a more welcoming look, pair it with honey colored wooden surfaces, such as below. It’s going to give off a warm feeling.

Elegant Kitchen Designs with Stone and Wood

Elegant Kitchen Designs

Stone and wood, in general, belong to the rural, ethnic, antique, or bohemian styles. However, when well polished and placed in a modern setting, these can create a very elegant, classy interior and can be a part of elegant kitchen designs. If you’re not into ultramodern textures and materials, go for these two. The combination will be beautiful and dynamic. For the best effect, use super sleek stone and wood that don’t have the aged look.

White and Glossy

Elegant Kitchen Designs

All-white is a safe bet for elegant kitchen designs. However, a matte finish can seem a bit boring and outdated, which is why we’d go for glossy surfaces. It is pretty, clean and lets other colors and textures be more remarkable. Whatever you’ll be placing on white will look exquisite.

Elegance through Contrast

Elegant Kitchen Design

In fashion, it is well known that contrasts, especially the black and white combo, never go wrong. In fact, these are always considered stylish. This works for your kitchen interior, too. In this example of an elegant kitchen design, the light surfaces stand in contrast with the dark and textured wooden ones. However, black may be too harsh sometimes. Therefore, you may choose one of the many shades that aren’t black – for example dark shades of grey-blue or brown would look stunning.

Vintage Elements

elegant kitchen designs

There’s something about vintage elements that stood the test of time. In this picture you can see them very well integrated: the lighting fixture, the antique flowery backsplash, the cabinetry and especially the checkerboard floor. These have all been total hits in their time and, given that everything is well kept and in its perfect place, it looks incredibly pretty. If you’re brave, add French bistro chairs, too.

Metallic Accents for Elegant Kitchen Designs

elegant kitchen designs

Whether it’s a monochrome design or one that presents as much diversity as the photo below, adding metallic accents of any kind (gold, chrome, copper) will instantly turn the space from regular to royal. If you have a harsh contrast, like black and white, adding some gold or bronze will unite the two in a rapturous harmony and delight the viewer. You will feel amazing each time you are cooking. It doesn’t matter where those metallic accents are – it could be various fixtures, lighting, furniture edges, flower pots, appliances, etc.

Chevron Tiles

Elegant Kitchen Designs

Chevron tiles are considered by many to be the ultimate elegance in home design. They have such a power to embellish any wall. The ideal placement is as backsplash, of course. Sometimes, it’s enough to cover only that. However, in the example below we can see Chevron tiles covering walls entirely and it makes a good impression. As long as it’s a lovely neutral shades with slight variations, such as these sleek gray ones, you’re safe and definitely stylish.

The Big Stone Wall Trend

elegant kitchen designs

More and more people love this look. When your kitchen is modern and ultra minimal, it may seem like it’s too sterile or plain boring. In this case, the perfect element to add is natural stone. Join the natural stone kitchen trend by having an entire wall covered in it, not just the backsplash. It’s like you’ve renovated a historic house but left one wall to remind you of its old days. Make sure your window frames are wooden.

Natural Stone Kitchen Extravaganza

Elegant Kitchen Designs

This example may go to the extreme, but it is ‘oh so well put together’. It’s a lot of work and expenditure there, but it’s an example of the mood that you could go for. The horizontally laid stones and their antique coloring, the matching countertop, the glass decorations and especially the moody lighting make this kitchen a remarkable one. It may not be for everyone, but there’s surely elegance in it.

Large Stones for Elegant Kitchen Designs

Elegant Kitchen Design

Since we’re at the natural stone kitchen chapter, here’s one more brilliant example, albeit in a very different vein. This one features very large stone surfaces, thus generating a very different effect than the previous examples. It works well with plenty of natural light and minimalistic decor. Let those stones be the point of attraction.

A Linear Display

Elegant Kitchen Designs

Usually, kitchens get crowded with cabinets, shelves, displays, storage spaces and so on. They tend to get too heavy. Recent designs advance hidden appliances and sleek surfaces to mask all that you’re storing. As for the small things you need to reach quickly, you can opt for a single long shelf that goes from one end to another. See below how great it looks. Between your regular objects, you may add some art too, for the aesthetics.

A Strong Backsplash

elegant kitchen designs

Almost any elegant kitchen design incorporates some sort of backsplash. It is an element that must not be ignored. Sometimes, it’s the one that carries all the weight. Here, for example, the teal tiles match the furniture shade and amplify the effect through their color. Be daring and opt for colorful tiles – however, don’t exaggerate with red, orange, or other bold shades. Go for mosaic if you want, it’s stylish and decorative.

Pendant Lighting

Elegant Kitchen Design

So many kitchen designs are wonderfully upgraded with one simple trick: the addition of pendant lighting. With the great variety of options out there, it is hard not to find something to suit your taste. The effect will be spectacular, as pendants give a whole new dimension to the kitchen space and boost the elegance factor thousandfold.

The Undying Marble

Elegant Kitchen Designs

Marble never goes out of style. Besides, it’s got a fabulous elegance to it and can find its place in a kitchen, too. You don’t need classic or fancy furniture to accommodate it, just go with clean and modern lines. However, a must-have is represented by the metallic fixtures, be they antique or not, if you’re going for that glamorous look.

Shiny White and Metallic Accents

elegant kitchen designs

We saved one of the prettiest for the last spot. This one seems to have many of the elements highlighted in the examples above. You can see the shiny white surfaces, the big pendant lights, and the subtle metallic accents. It truly makes a statement in every way. The key is not just these elements being brought together, but also the color scheme. White pairs wonderfully with shades of gold, which is exactly what we’re having here. Never forget this color scheme if you want an outstanding kitchen.

As you’re starting your renovation project or purchasing a new home, keep in mind the time you will be spending in the kitchen. Remind yourself that this doesn’t need to feel like a daily chore, but be a pleasurable time. An elegant kitchen design is what will turn the mundane into the exquisite.

Erin Emanuel