Five Things to Consider When You Design Your Own Home

Deciding to build a home involves making a large investment for your future. Seeing as how you will probably be spending every day in your house for years to come, you must take the right steps beforehand to get the most out of your experience. When the project is finished you should have a home built to your specific needs, with the features you desire, and at a price you can reasonably afford.

designing your own home


Staying Within Budget

One of the first aspects that must be considered before home building is the budget. With large projects it is often easy to go over budget due to forgotten details, changes in supplies or simply excitement. Start with a detailed list of items and supplies and their prices to ensure you can afford to build the home you plan to have.

Hiring Professional Custom Home Builders

When making this large of an investment, it is imperative that you get a product you will love. To get the results you truly want, hire professional home renovation experts with extensive experience in building custom homes. You want the builders you hire to be willing to accept and offer input on any ideas you have during the process.

Check the Reputation of the Builder

Before settling on a building company, check the reputation thoroughly. Check with past clients and ask for a portfolio of previous projects. Search for prior client complaints and learn about the business’ real practices. Look for builders that formed a solid reputation in your community or among your acquaintances, as well as those that are members of the National Association of Home Builders.

Settle on the Location

Even if you think you have a plot picked out, it may be worth the extra effort to keep looking for the best location possible. Is your space located close enough to your work and schools? Are you within a convenient distance to medical facilities and shopping complexes? Ensure the property will be easily accessible for guests and service personnel once finished.

Efficient Living

In an effort to save, you will want to maximize the potential for efficient energy use in the new home. An Edmonton custom home builder advises those designing their own homes to discuss any plans for efficient design with their builder. These can include planning window placement for maximum use of sunlight and installing efficient appliances and HVAC units. Sprinklers, faucets, toilets and other water systems can be made more efficient as well, by installing low-flow fixtures in your yard and bathrooms.

Like most complex projects, building your own home is not likely to go without error. There may be bumps in the road and plans which require drastic changes. The best way to minimize stress during this process is to prepare yourself, your references, and your materials before you begin.

Erin Emanuel