10 Things That Are Better When You Do Them in Your Sunroom

Sunrooms are a wonderful addition to any home, with their brightly lit interior and the elegance of gleaming glass walls, they are a visually stunning room with a number of uses limited only by your imagination. They allow the outdoors to come in while protecting you from the elements, and make even a rainy day a comfortable experience.  In fact, there are few things that are not more pleasurable when experienced in a sunroom.



1. Sunbathing

If you’ve ever sat in front of a window in a sunbeam, you know that the sun seems that much more warm and penetrating, and can lull you into a sense of comfort.  Sunbathing in a sunroom gives you a safe and protected place to be, keeping you out of the bugs and dirt of the outdoors while working on that golden tan.

2. Birthday parties

Birthday parties are a lot of fun, and the best of them last well past the afternoon festivities and into the starlit realm of night.  Usually when the sun starts to set, it’s time to bring it all indoors, but with a sunroom, you get the warmth of the daytime sun without having to waste time taking it all inside when the sun sets!

3. Weddings

Months of preparation go into planning a wedding, and there’s little that’s as depressing as arranging to have this special day outdoors, only to have the weather not cooperate.  No worries with a sunroom, the natural light will help you get the best wedding photography, regardless of the weather’s moodiness.

4. Gardening

Gardening is a long-honored and loved past-time that helps provide a healthier diet for the family while getting in touch with mother earth.  But gardening is also subject to the vagaries of weather, and if there’s a sudden cold snap, you could lose an entire season’s work.  In a sunroom, your crops are protected, the glass walls and controlled environment keeping your them safe for your family’s enjoyment.


5. Reading

Avid readers know the phrase “A cat, a book, and a sunny nook” describes a perfect afternoon.  A sunroom is nothing but one big sunny nook!  You can put your favorite chair in this room and curl down with a stunning visual of the outdoors, while travelling the inner stories of the world created by your favorite book.

6. Family Dinners

Imagine for a moment sitting at a candlelit table with dinner spread out before you, while the expanse of the starry night sky is spread above.  Normally this requires a table in the yard and contending with hungry ants and bees, but with a sunroom you can enjoy this lovely experience from within the comfort of your own home.

7. Children’s Playtime

Children need to be out of doors, as the sun and fresh air are excellent for them, but sometimes you want to make sure they aren’t going to wander off.  With a sunroom you can make this happen. Open the windows and pull back the curtains, and they get a room to play in that gives them all the benefits of the outdoors, without worrying about them getting hurt or lost.

8. Romantic Evenings

Sunrooms can create an incredibly intimate setting. Set up with rich green houseplants, an overhead fan, and quiet music, you can create a secluded forest grove in your own home to get closer with your loved one, all while the moon shines down on you with its soft glow.

9. Arts and Crafts

When you’re creating a work of art, you need clear light and a room that inspires you.  With a sunroom you get both these things. The bright sun shining down overhead guarantees you’ll be able to see the finest details, while the beauty of the room will inspire you to create beautiful works of art of your own.

10. Afternoon Naps

There’s something delightful about an afternoon nap, a pause from the busyness of the day, just giving yourself a recharge after a productive morning in preparation for an effective finish to the day.  Napping in a sunroom gives you the ability to soak up the afternoon rays while you do, without being directly exposed in the event the weather makes a sudden change.

No matter what your reason is for wanting to build a sunroom onto your home, it will be a decision you will never regret.

Erin Emanuel