Thick as Thieves: Thinning Out Your Security Risks

Improving your home, whether it be renovating from the ground up, upgrading your electronics or simply a fresh coat of paint on a picket fence, is a bonus for everyone involved. You love the new look, your neighbors are pleased, your family thinks you’re a hero… And local burglars can’t wait to get their hands on your goods!


Monetary Risk Calculator

If that last one doesn’t sound especially pleasant, you’re clearly not alone. Nice homes with fancy, high-tech furnishings are, unfortunately, bait for the nefarious criminal contingent. That new gilded gun cabinet installed in your den? It’s a carrot on a stick. Your elaborate collection of designer handbags? A sitting duck. To turn your prospective peril into a game, check out this monetary risk calculator.

While it’s unlikely anyone will be waltzing out the front door with, say, your vintage leather sofa; your grandmother’s pearls or brand new power tools might as well have a target on them. Though the news tends to be rampant with stories of “dumb criminals”, most thieves aren’t as daft as we think they are. In fact, they’re a pretty inventive lot. Staying one step ahead of their game protects you, your family and the belongings you all cherish.

Home Security

Home security isn’t just for multi-million dollar palatial pads or, conversely, those currently dwelling in a semi-sketchy neighborhood with high crime rates. Essentially, it’s a good idea no matter where, or how, you live. Sometimes, it’s as simple as locking your doors. Obviously, that’s…obvious, but the high numbers of theft victims reporting unsecured domiciles is astounding. Most of the time, a more sophisticated security system is just what the doctor ordered. Ready to get your PhD in Safety? Let’s look over a few tips…

Your landscaping could be putting you in danger. Those high hedges and bushy trees are gorgeous and possibly even provide you with a little privacy. On the other hand, they’re basically solid cover for any approaching criminal. Security floodlights with a motion sensor are frequently enough of a deterrent for outdoor hijinks.

Hiding Key

Do you keep a spare key under a mat, rock or flower pot on your front porch? Well, knock it off! Believe me, any burglar would much rather let themselves in silently versus tossing a rock through a big window and drawing the attention of the entire neighborhood. If your known to lock yourself out of your own house on a regular basis, hide your key under your neighbor’s mat and confuse the whole community.

Do you keep a spare stash of cash at home? In a word, don’t. If you do, however, please don’t hide it under the mattress, in your sock drawer, or somewhere equally cliché. An empty, washed mayonnaise jar painted white on the inside is one of the more creative ways I’ve heard of for squireling away a little ‘mad money’. But for goodness sake, get a safe.

Even if you’re making no secret of your quest to keep up with the Jones’, flaunting a high-tech smorgasbord of electronics, possibly visible from the sidewalk, is just a bad idea. There’s no reason to overtly showcase your goods, unless Mr. Jones stops by for an afternoon chat.

Erin Emanuel