Three Things to Do to Get Your Garden Ready for Family Fun This Summer


Three Things to Do to Get Your Garden Ready

Spring is finally here, and the weather is starting to warm up at last for most of us after an unusually cold winter. If, like many of us, you can’t wait to start enjoying the outdoor spaces around your home, then now is a great time to make sure your garden, patio, deck, pool area and other outside areas are safe and ready for you and your family to start having fun in them!

Here are three things to add to your to do list for the coming weekends in the garden.

Trim Back Any Trees That Hang Over Your Garden

Weak tree branches can become a serious hazard, especially if you have kids who are tempted to climb or swing on branches, or you live in an area that is prone to summer storms. If you have a pool, overhanging trees can also make it harder to keep it clean, with leaves and twigs being among the things that can end up needing to be skimmed out of the water before you can enjoy a dip!


Check all of the trees around your outdoor spaces and if necessary, trim them back. A chainsaw can be the best tool for the job, and you can find good advice on choosing the right one at the Toolboss chainsaws site. If you feel that it is too dangerous to trim back the problem trees yourself due to their height, or you just aren’t confident doing this kind of work, then hire a professional – it is worth it to keep your garden safe.

Get Rid of Any Dangerous Pests

Another thing to check your garden for before you and your family start using it regularly in spring and summer is nests of more dangerous pests like wasps. Wasps form new nests each year, and so you may find one has begun to build in or close to your garden. Wasp stings can be extremely painful and can be dangerous to both your family and your pets and having them buzzing around can also be a real pain when you are trying to relax outside. Get pest control professionals involved if you find a nest unless you are very confident that you can take care of it safely.

Add Any New Lighting

Outdoor LED lighting is more affordable than ever this year, so if you would like to invest in some new outdoor lights so that you can keep on making use of your outdoor space after the sun goes down this summer, then now is a good time. Lights can also be good as a security measure, especially if you tend to leave things like bikes and other valuable outdoor recreation stuff out in sheds or by your pool in the summer. Check any existing lighting is still working so you can do any maintenance you need to, too.

By making these simple checks and doing the necessary work in your garden, you can make the most of summer 2018 knowing that your outdoor spaces are hazard free!

Erin Emanuel