Tips for Avoiding Garage Door Injuries

Household utilities like garage door or garage door opener are for making the life easy and convenient. But such a thing can also be a source of accidents. There are various incidents where garage door injuries have been recorded. These accidents sometimes happened because of the carelessness of the victim and sometimes because of the malfunction of the garage doors or the garage door opener. Being a little bit careful and by installing a functionally sound garage door and also by maintaining it , many garage door injuries can be avoided. In houses where there are children, adults need to be more careful and alert to avoid any sort of garage door injuries.


Taking into consideration that garage doors can also be a cause of household accidents, government has passed certain laws to regulate the manufacturing of these doors. Nowadays, garage doors are supported with the reverse feature. This feature makes the garage doors technically programmed to simply reverse back and not to get close on detecting motion through its sensors. Garage doors, supported with a head bump sensory features, have also been introduced in the market; these kinds of doors are best for avoiding head injuries.

Although more advance garage doors openers are getting introduced in the market but to avoid the accidents in a better way the house owners have to be very careful. Listed below are some safety tips that one must follow to avoid garage door injuries.

Educate your family members: After installing the garage doors, especially the automated one make sure to educate your family members and children about its opening and closing technique. Explain them the precautionary measures and also the danger or injury that they may face on being careless with these doors.

Try to keep the children away: These doors can be very dangerous, so try to keep your children way from it.  Explain to them and ensure that they understand the consequences of playing with garage door openers. In possible deny your children from having access of the garage door controls, so that knowingly or unknowingly they can’t operate the openers to arise any possibility of getting hurt.

Don’t try self repair: If you detect any malfunctioning with the doors, don’t try to repair it with your own. Always seek the help of the professionals, who possess the proper knowledge and requisite equipment to conduct the repair process in a safe manner.

Don’t make the mistake of running under a closing door: accidents can happen even while doing activities that you practice regularly. So, if you have tried running or sliding under a closing door, stop doing it instantly.  Even in movies these stunts are performed under the guidance of experts, so don’t try these at home. Although the doors are supported with motion sensors that stops the garage door from getting closed, but no technology is 100% reliable. Hence, it is the duty of the residents to make sure that they don’t attempt to move hurriedly underneath a garage door nor encourage their children to do so.

By making these basic habits, garage door injuries can be avoided considerably.

Author Bio: Timothy Gugerty is Home Improvement Consultant in Las Vegas. He has 6+ Years of experience as Home Improvement Consultant and has worked with many Firms in Las Vegas. Here he is sharing his views on Doors, especially garage doors have been his specialty and he writes often about the latest trends and technologies coming to this particular industry.

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