Tips for Choosing the Best White Furniture to Make Your Office Pop


Choosing a Style That Pops

White is in right now. People all over are rearranging their homes, offices, and wardrobes with all things that are white. That’s because warmer months are upon us and white is a fun and fresh color. It’s the perfect compliment to any décor. White is stylish and crisp. When someone walks into your home or office, they’ll instantly feel at peace. That’s because it’s a color that invokes feeling. It shows that you’re strong, powerful, and in charge. Here are five tips to follow if you’re considering purchasing white office furniture.

executive office furniture

Compliment Walls, Flooring

When rearranging your office with white furniture, you’ll need to take a few things into consideration.

  • What color are your walls?
  • How much room do you have?
  • Does the carpet have a pattern?

When choosing office furniture, you want to consider how everything looks in one cohesive design. Many pieces of furniture look great on their own, but what do they look like when placed in your office? If you’ve got carpeting or walls covered in designs or décor, white furniture is perfect. That’s because it won’t create too much of a distraction with pattern mixing. It creates and overall look that is sleek and modern.

White desks are a perfect starting point for decorating. That’s because you can choose pictures, plants, and other décor that won’t clash with the color. Your choice in decoration becomes the star of the show because the white background makes it pop.

Choose the Right Shade for Furniture

You’ll want to remember to choose shades that match. There’s a whole slew of different colors available such as true white, ivory, vanilla, cream, and more. You can get away with matching your shades slightly, but you don’t want to get too carried away. Try to choose the same color for your desk, chairs, and shelving units. The right shade for your office will depend on a few factors:

  • The lighting in your office
  • Personal preference
  • Decorations

Pure white is the perfect color if you have a sleek downtown office. That’s because it compliments a modern vibe. If you want your office to be more homey and welcoming, consider ivory furniture. That’s because the warm shade feels inviting.

Consider Layout of Office

Before picking out new furniture, consider the layout of your office. The first thing people see when they walk in is typically the reception desk. You want it to stand out and create a good first impression. A sleek white reception desk will give visitors the impression that this is a professional office that cares about their appearance. Businesses, salons, and retail shops can all benefit from a white desk. You can add a logo or plague that will truly pop against the background. It’s a great way to get noticed.

Choose a Theme and Stick With It

You’ll want to pick an overall theme for your office. If you like floral patterns then an ivory color is perfect. It will make your plants and pictures pop against a warm background. If you like black and white, then pure white furniture is perfect. You can choose books, vases, and other small trinkets that are black to line the shelves. Creating a theme will make the process of picking out furniture easier. Many businesses want their products which line the shelves to be the stars of the show. White furniture will do just that. It won’t distract potential clients and customers who come in.

Style and Practicality

Finally, you’ll want to remember the purpose of your office. White furniture is stylish and a trend that is currently in. Don’t forget about comfort, however. It’s your office and a place you’ll be spending a good chunk of time. You want to choose furniture that is comforting, relaxing, and will inspire you to work. White is perfect to get those creative juices flowing. It will inspire you to achieve new things. White does require some upkeep so remember that when planning you’re office. You’ll want to take special care to keep your chairs, shelves, and desks clean and free of dust. Stains are more noticeable on white but if you can commit to the upkeep, it’s worth it.

A Direct Reflection of You

Your office is a direct reflection of you and the brand you want to represent. Therefore, it needs to look appealing to those who come in. White furniture is a staple. Choose laminated surfaces which make for easy cleanup. If you want people to feel at ease when they come to see you, consider a nice white chair with accent pillows that pop. You have a lot of freedom when it comes to decorating with white furniture. Let your creative side show and create a place that will wow not only yourself but your coworkers and clients as well.

Erin Emanuel