Tips for a Complete Residential Upholstery Cleaning

Most people like to circulate and work in clean and healthy environments and many of them believe that it only takes a thorough vacuum cleaning for air purification. Certainly, dust and dirt must be removed as frequently as possible to avoid contaminating your indoor air, but the carpets and upholstery are the favour shelters of microorganisms, which are harmful to your health. Each household in Seattle, Washington (WA) is equipped with a vacuum cleaner, some brushes and plenty of Eco-friendly products that can make a difference on your furniture and the air you breathe.

Residential Cleaning

Start by doing carpet cleaning

Our carpets protect the floors, warm up the atmosphere, and beautify our homes, but they are also a big nest of bacteria and germs since they endure endless foot trafficking by dirty shoes and pets every day. At the same time, they are daily fed with our food and drink from our drinks since we constantly go back and forward eating and drinking. Our kids spend lots of time on the carpets drawing with crayons, which can make horrible stains and the dog may get sick or make a mess. These daily activities wear down the carpets and are considered serious centers of infections for our health.

  • If you have wall to wall carpets, you must vacuum them at least twice a week while if you have silk rugs once a week will be sufficient. It is self-evident that stain removal using water and some soap is unavoidable whenever you spill something on the carpets. You must watch how you vacuum because you don’t want to hurt the fibers of your carpet and must never forget to clean the other side as well.
  • Many rugs can be hand washed or thrown in the laundry and since water damage is one of the worst things that can happen to your carpet, you must consult the carpet cleaning instructions of the manufacturer.
  • As far as rugs at the kid’s room are concerned, carpet maintenance using your vacuum cleaner daily and green products, which you can find in many places around Seattle, is not only required, but it is mandatory, especially if your kids are very young.

Don’t forget couch cleaning

Most couches have similar problems with carpets since they are daily used and the dust gets hidden in the most unreachable points accumulating harmful particles, which can cause serious allergies. Today, most vacuum cleaners have special equipment that you can use to reach these areas, but if you can take the covers off and wash them in the washing machine it would be great.

Tile cleaning will be the final touch

Most tiles don’t absorb dirt and moisture, but grout does. Grout cleaning must be performed regularly, but if you see that the problem is still there and the dirt cannot be removed, you can clean them the best possible way and then apply a special coating, which will work like sealing that would not permit the absorption of moisture and dirt.

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