Tips to Decorating Small Apartments

The majority of city dwellers reside in small spaces not by choice but due to necessity. Rent in metropolitan cities is often high and newcomers may not afford to pay for the space they want. Renting a micro apartment is one likely option for a fresh graduate who just landed an entry-level job. After signing the lease, the next step is decorating. How do you spruce up squeezed living quarters? We partnered with GoHaus to share a few tips that will help transform your micro apartment to the perfect haven for entertaining.

Buy curvy furniture

curvy furniture

When shopping around for suitable furniture for your apartment, you need to find unique pieces that will fit and leave enough room to maneuver. Interior design specialists recommend using curvy furniture in small spaces to compliment the square or rectangular shape of most apartments. Invest in round-shaped tables, chairs and ottomans for your living area. For added comfort, buy a few rugs to place next to your bed, in your bathroom and at the entrance. Rugs with dotted or spiral motifs are ideal to pair with curvy furniture.

Walls and flooring

Small apartments in the city often appear dull owing to tall buildings that obscure natural light. Lighten up the space by painting the walls with a base of white or off-white color. Then add some bright, vibrant colors to create the illusion that the room is bigger than the actual measurements. You don’t need expensive flooring for a small space. Opt for vinyl flooring as it is easy to clean, inexpensive and installation is DIY friendly. You can get vinyl printed in almost any finish like stone or tile and in a wide range of colors. To get a sophisticated, classy look we suggest getting vinyl flooring that looks like real wood in whatever color best compliments the rest of your apartment.

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Multipurpose furniture

Signing a lease for a small apartment should not deter you from having the creatures of comfort that you became accustomed to at your parent’s home. Select furniture pieces that you can utilize for multiple purposes. For instance, you can have a table that doubles as additional seating when your friends come over. The same table can serve other functions, like acting as a breakfast table or even as a formal dining table if you are entertaining guests for dinner. A staircase type of bookshelf creates an additional space vertically where you can store books, electronics or board games. The space atop the staircase is perfect for displaying flowers, art or pictures. For renters sharing a one-bedroom apartment, invest in a pull-up sofa that you can easily convert to a bed at night for guests.

Space saving drawers

bed storage

If you are wondering where to store all your college textbooks or items you don’t frequently use, install drawers underneath the staircase steps or under your bed where you can store clothing, shoes, electronic devices, cleaning supplies, and even handyman tools. Use the designed name tags to indicate the items you store in each drawer to avoid wasting time pulling several shelves in the morning.


Micro or mini apartment living calls for creativity in making the space work. Carefully plan and decide what pieces you need to purchase for each room to give it the functionality you are seeking. Finally, be open to learning and making a few compromises in the process, and always be creative!

Erin Emanuel


  1. Thankyou, these are some great tips, i want to buy my on apartment and im glad i read these info, i have no idea on decoration and these info is going to really help as a starting point. Curvy furniture and Lighten colors are a great idea.

  2. I want to rent an apartment, but I just don’t know how I would decorate it. It makes sense that I would want to utilize shelves and drawers! That way I can save space.

  3. Thanks for these tips. interesting for me to learn more about decoration. now it can be easy for me to decorate my apartment. Great ideas.

  4. Thanks for this! I’m always on the lookout for space maximising ideas for my tiny living room. A great tip for elongating the walls I’ve found is to paint the skirting and bottom half of your wall a slightly darker than the top, and the two tone looks cool too!

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