Top 4 Tips from the North Home Gallery on Building a Green House

With a rise in environmental consciousness all around, prospective home owners and builders too are exploring ways and means to turn their future dwellings into “green” abodes that do not gobble up Mother Nature’s precious resources. If you intend to build your own green home, north home gallery has ample resources to guide you, right from when the look and design of your very own home is still a fond dream to when you actually step into your dream home.

building a green home

North Home Gallery have shared their Top 4 Tips to house builders considering building an eco-friendly dwelling:

  1. Educate yourself on the existing green living technologies. They say knowledge is power, and they are right. It is likely that you will not be able to install every type of green living technology in your home. Nor will that be feasible. So to make the best choice and the most feasible investment, you will have to first acquaint yourself with the various technologies and especially their ideal usage scenarios. For instance, it is futile to install a wind energy turbine atop your house if the area you live in does not get enough wind for a considerable part of the year.
  1. Concentrate on having the most energy-efficient structure for your home. Green living is not only about installing a whole host of energy-saving fittings and fixtures in your house or investing in expensive renewable energy systems. You should also concentrate on making the structure of the house as energy-efficient as possible. For instance, passive solar construction refers to dwellings that have been built in a way to maximize the use of solar energy.
  1. Do not ignore the energy-saving potential of doors and windows. You can build your house in a way so that every nook and cranny chips in to up the energy-efficiency quotient of the building. You can live green without installing solar panels or wind energy systems in your house. You can save loads of electricity (read: fossil fuel) just by installing energy-efficient doors and windows. These doors keep out draughts and keep heating bills down. You can install windows at strategic positions throughout the house so that the inhabitants get the maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day. This will keep your lighting bills down!
  1. Check the internal works. The floors, the fittings and fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen, the plumbing works, the electrical connections, the tiles, and the even the carpets and blinds in a house contribute to the energy-efficiency quotient of the building. You should carefully choose these elements to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum.

building the green home

Are you worried that you will falter in some step of building the house? After all, you are not an expert in building green dwellings. But you can always seek professional guidance from architects, builders, engineers, roofing professionals, and materials suppliers and educate yourself on the varied aspects of green building all of this available at north home gallery. Bank on the expertise and experience of these people to help you live in your dream in an eco-friendly way!

Erin Emanuel