Tips for Making Your Home More Peaceful

Home is a refuge – a place away from the rest of the world that you can call your own. After a busy day at work, there’s nothing better than enjoying the peace and quiet of your own house. Unfortunately, some homes are anything but relaxing. Kids running around, laundry piled on the floor, and clutter everywhere can hinder your ability to decompress at the end of a long day. If you want to bring peace and harmony into your life, you need to start with your home. Here are some tips for making your home a tranquil place.

peaceful-home-tipsUse Color Properly

Using the right colors in your home is the first step in creating a relaxing environment. For those especially sensitive to visual stimuli, bright, obnoxious colors can create stress and a sense of discomfort. Colors like red and orange may be too intense for your living space. Instead, opt for colors that mimic our natural environment. Colors like greens and blues can make you feel at ease. If you just can’t live without bright colors, use them in moderation for things like throw pillows. For a better night’s sleep, make sure your room is void of these stressful colors, and opt for subtle, muted earth tones. If you are in the market to purchase a home and you find that the colors on the walls are not conducive to a peaceful environment, this is an easy and inexpensive upgrade. You don’t want to pass up on that prime piece of Birmingham real estate just because of the lime green kitchen and bright red bathroom.

Adopt Minimalism

Many people can feel quickly overwhelmed with too much stuff around them. Things pile up over the years, and it can be hard to let them go. However, as Marie Kondo would say, if it doesn’t spark joy, it needs to go. This can be anything from general clutter, too much wall art, or pieces of clothing in your closet that you know you’ll never wear again. A minimalistic lifestyle may seem unattainable, but when you’ve finally let go of unnecessary possessions, you will feel a sense of calm. There is something that puts you at peace about simplistic surroundings. While you may love the ornate, keep your tchotchkes to a minimum and you will see a difference in your state of mind.

Decorate with Plants

Not only do plants give us a natural aesthetic in our home, but they also help to purify the air, give us a better quality of life. The only stress you’ll have with a home full of plants is remembering to water them. However, there are many plants, such as cacti and ficuses, that require little maintenance and provide us with decorations that are both soothing and practical.

Erin Emanuel