How to present your home on viewing day

When it comes to selling your property, presentation is everything. This is because it’s key to allow potential buyers to get a glimpse of what THEIR future home could look like. Obviously there are the basics, like getting the house professionally cleaned (or doing it yourself if you so wish). However, there are a few other things you can do to get your property looking good and ready for viewing without splashing too much cash.

present home for sale


We as an estate agent in Battersea have come up with a few tips:

A paint job

After a while the walls in your home can start looking dirty and shabby. While many people do paint their home when they first move in, they often don’t bother when they’re going to sell the property as they think there’s no point. However, this can make all the difference and give a really fresh feel to your property and make it feel more homely. Remember to make the colours neutral so they don’t scare too many people away – white’s always a good bet – fuchsia pink’s not so great…


It may be a cliché but de-cluttering is really a very good bet for quickly making your property look spacious. No prospective buyer wants to see your holiday photos, platform shoes, wedding albums scattered around. Psychologically it’s very hard for people to feel they can put their stamp on the home and connect emotionally with the property if your stuff is everywhere. Make your home as bare as possible, with a minimalist feel. Not only is this cheap, it’s also very effective. Getting a storage unit, although not cheap, could be well worth it. You can keep your big furniture in the unit and your home open and inviting, making sure nothing is distracting viewers from the advantages of buying your home.

It’s the little things

Think carefully about what makes you pick one property over another. Ultimately isn’t it all about the small things, the indefinable ‘feel’ somewhere gave you? That’s why it’s so vital you fix those issues that you’ve delayed for a while (go on – admit it – we all know you’re guilty of this!) Perhaps the skirting needs nailing down, the door handle doesn’t work or the shabby curtains need replacing (or washing). Think of it from someone else’s point of view: the more little problems that people come across while they view the property, the more they start to feel that repairing all of these things could be expensive and/or a hassle. Ensuring things are clean, simple and working is very important before you start showing off your home.

When it comes down to it, how your home looks when people start to view it makes all the difference as to how quickly it sells. These tips can help you make your home look fresh and ensure you don’t need to spend a lot of cash initially.

Erin Emanuel