Do You Hate Yardwork? 5 Tips to Help You Have a Painless Gardening Season

Spring is right around the corner, and whether you enjoy yard work or not, it is something that just has to get done. If you dread getting out in the yard and painstakingly manicuring your lawn and plants so that you aren’t the embarrassment of the neighborhood, you’re not alone. If you’re less than thrilled about getting out in the yard this spring, there are a few tools and products you can use to lighten the load. Read ahead for some ways to stay sane this gardening season.

Hate Yardwork


Gator Utility Vehicle

Investing in a Gator makes getting around your yard and larger garden much easier. You can tote your yard tools around so you do not need to carry them. Plus, you do not have to waste your energy traveling up and down the yard when you can just hop into your Gator. The utility vehicle stores easily in your garage and can tow hundreds of pounds. If you have a big yard, this type of vehicle will literally cut your work in half. Plus, it will make getting around the property on a hot summer’s day much less painful.

Weed Eater

Weed eaters come either corded or gas operated. If your yard is on the smaller side, the electric model will work best for your needs. Keep your lawn pristine by getting rid of high grass, annoying plants and weeds. Some models, such as the Weed Hound Weeder, allow you to place the eater over the weed, step on the footrest and pull, making your job simple and not as physically strenuous. No need to sweat over pulling weeds for hours—let the weed eater chomp them up for you.

Planter’s Pal

The Planter’s Pal multipurpose gardening tool makes planting and cutting a breeze. There is no need to carry a wide array of tools when this one has various blades, edges and spikes. Other features include the tip, tamper and scale for every type of soil. This tool has 7 different uses! If you’re sick of lugging around a cumbersome toolbox, this is the tool for you.


One good way to keep weeds at bay is to put mulch in various places in your yard. Mulch is also ideal for keeping moisture in for the plants it surrounds and maintaining temperature. According to the professionals of Total Tree Service, you can use mulch with organic matter like partially decomposed compost or shredded leaves to add nutrients and fertilizer to the soil. A positive about using more permanent mulch, such as that made from wood chips or bark products is it does not require that much maintenance.

Blower Vac

Blow away leaves, dead plants or debris with a blower vac. These are available in backpack form or can be used by carrying it in your hand. Greenworks makes a 40V Brushless Blower that can produce winds up to 185 miles per hour. It vacuums 4 bags of leaves on a single charge. Your days of raking and sweeping are over—this vac will blow away any worries you have lying around the yard.

With these helpful tools, there’s no need to spend all day doing yard work anymore. Even those who enjoy working in the yard would benefit from using more efficient and powerful tools to help get the job done. If you don’t exactly have a green thumb, you can still be a pro in the yard, if you have the right tools. Take advantage of these tools and streamline your yard work so you can get back to spring and summer activities that you actually enjoy.

Erin Emanuel