Tips to Place Rugs in Living Rooms

The value additions you derive from a rug are wide-ranging; highlights furniture, defines areas, reduces floor noise, adds color, so on and so forth. An area rug is an ultimate addition to add glamor to your living room as an area rug is mostly used to highlight the seating areas; this way you get to treat your feet to the profuse softness your rug has to offer. Have you been searching for other ways and means to add interest with an area rug? Take a glimpse at more ideas to beautify your living room just by using your rug the right way.


Anchor With Furniture

A rug placed aloof from the furniture looks like an island on itself that is floating between a sea of flooring and furniture in your living room. Since rugs are binding elements that can pull the entire room into one single piece. Your living room rug should be large enough to hold at least a coffee table; this keeps the rug related to your room and the elements within. A small rug for a living room should be a solution only when you couldn’t afford a bigger rug that adequately fills the living room space.

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Fill Adequately

Your area rug has to be large enough to hold the front legs in and it need not hold all the furniture on it. Getting a fine carpet that is half hidden under your furniture does not pose a pretty sight as most of the rug’s beauty is masked underneath. All the same, an area rug that is too-small to hold the furniture front legs on it will jut out more prominently like an ill-fitting suit. Always measure the size of your room and the area of your probable furniture arrangement before bringing in an area rug. You can use the diagonal method of rug placement to make complete use of your rug space.

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Diverse Layers

Layering with rugs is the smartest way to give your interiors a tinge of significance and to add more length and breadth to your rug. Layering is an ideal way to work with smaller rugs as you can use your small antique rug over an inexpensive sisal rug to expand its area while bordering it with an equally beautiful Handmade natural carpet. Let your imaginations run wild while selecting base and main rugs while you are layering; sky is the limit for the outcomes you can derive out of these permutations and combinations! Break the orderliness by placing the top rug diagonally; yet another way to create interest and an illusion of spaciousness.

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Let It Age with Usage

The worst thing you can do to your rug is to pamper it without usage. Wool rugs get an extra sheen with usage; only your feet can provide your rugs this privilege to age gracefully. The natural fibers in your rug need to break down and soften under your feet to give your rug a beautiful and natural texture. With expert advice on how to clean a wool rug all available online, you are never at loss for ideas to clean up those minute mishaps of life. These tips can help to reduce smells, allergens and the stress of worrying about spilling! Go ahead and place your wool rug in a heavy traffic area of your living room so your rug gets all the feet mollycoddle.   

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Over A Carpet

If you looking forward to break the monotony of brown or beige carpeting, you may choose to use an area rug to define the seating space or by making the rug itself a focal point of your living room by adding an interesting element onto your rug. Add an essence of interest to your area rug by placing an element of focal point on it – like a piano, a grandfather’s clock, a vintage book rack or even an antique coffee table to add on to the splendor of your area rug.

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