Six Tips to Make A More Productive Home Office

When you decide to work from home, especially if you’re transitioning from an office environment, the right office environment can improve your productivity. Here are a few tips to create the most efficient workspace possible.

Productive Home Office


Set up your office in a location with few distractions.

Do you have an extra room in your home? That might be the perfect place to locate your home office. When you’re working in a space that is specifically set aside to function as your workspace, it helps to minimize distractions. Want another reason to set up a home office in an unused room? You’ll be able to close the door on distractions and people who might want to talk or ask for your assistance awhile you’re working.

Have Supportive Seating

When it comes to home office seating you want something that will support your back properly and be comfortable, but not so comfortable that you find yourself dozing off. Consider an ergonomic chair, or add cushioning and a seat support to your current chair. Take time to make your chair comfortable and supportive. Your back will thank you.

Automate processes if possible.

When you’re working from home, it can be difficult to stop working in order to run to the post office to send invoices out or pick up supplies for your business. This kind of interruption can be a disaster for your productivity as well. Automatically paying bills, sending invoices and ordering supplies lets you focus without those disruptions. Also, services like automatic bill pay could lessen or even eliminate the piles of paper that add up.

File papers quickly and expand your storage if necessary.

It can be hard to concentrate if your desk and the area around your workspace are cluttered with paper. You’ll have a hard time finding documentation if it’s in some random pile somewhere in your office.  A great tip is to handle papers just once, then file them away in the appropriate place. This works especially well if you’re digitizing your receipts and statements. You may need to invest in furniture that can provide storage, but this is worth it. You’ll clear the clutter and you may be able to showcase some of your favorite items.

Consider off-site storage for documents and supplies.

If your papers and supplies are taking up too much room, despite your expanded storage system and new filing practices, you may want to consider off-site storage for documents that you don’t need every day, and for excess supplies and inventory.  While that storage company keeps your documents and inventory items safe, you can buckle down and get to work with the assurance that you’ll have access to your stored items when you need them.

Set Regular Hours.

When working from home, it can be tempting to start working when the mood strikes and to stop for the same reason. This can destroy your productivity. If you start and end your workday at the same times every day, you’ll be able to concentrate better and will likely get more done.


Author Bio: George Ramirez is the IT Manager of Value Store It and is a specialist when it comes to public storage. Value Store It has locations in Florida, New York, and Connecticut and offers a variety of storage solutions.

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