6 Tips on How to Spruce Up Your Small Bathroom

There are many people who consider a spacious and hospitable bathroom as important feature of a home as a comfortable and luxurious bedroom. However, few of them have the opportunity to enjoy such a bathing space and often have hard times accepting their small bathrooms. The cleaning and the upkeep of a tiny bathroom are much more difficult and combined with the lack of showering space, they can be really disturbing to some homeowners. Luckily for all these people, a small bathroom can be improved even if you are not a home re-modelling expert. You can make it feel larger and cosier with less effort than you imagined and the best part is that you will still be able to benefit from its space. Just read through the following suggestions for some inspiration:

  • Go Bold with Materials

Tips on How to Spruce Up Your Small Bathroom 1Do you know what the biggest advantage of small bathrooms is? Lower prices. As the space is smaller, you will need as much materials to improve it, which means you can buy more expensive materials to give your bathroom a classy look. Clean and modern elements like metallic or marble will really dress up the room, making it look more sophisticated. Their shine will also mask the tiny free space and if you invest in a big mirror, you will surely be a step a closer to making your miniature showering area absolutely impressive.

  • Curve the edges

Tips on How to Spruce Up Your Small Bathroom 2There is no need for you to cut all corners. Simply curving them is a much better idea. The tighter the room is, the more often you will have problems with the sharp edges, which can be very painful. Go for a vanity with a rounded shape and softer edges and you will finally start to feel secure while showering. Besides being safer for your body, curved corners will ease your bathroom cleaning task as well, which is another advantage you should not underestimate. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a modern bathroom which is not only more spacious and secure, but will also look flawlessly clean with almost no elbow grease?

  • Open up your shelving

Tips on How to Spruce Up Your Small Bathroom 3Your bathroom can easily begin to appear bigger if you stop blocking the wall-to-wall sight. Floating and unclosed shelves will allow you to see more of the room and to accent on a few luxurious accessories. You can boost your bathroom’s style even more by placing some spa extras on the storage shelves. Bath necessities have to be stored even in the tiniest bathrooms, so why don’t you just expose them and achieve a more Zen bathroom feel? Turning your small bath into a true retreat can be easily achieved if you keep the interior clean and free of clutter, placing nothing more than a couple of rolled towels and bottles of essential oil onto the open shelving.

  • Provide enough sunlight

Tips on How to Spruce Up Your Small Bathroom 4Narrow spaces can really benefit from natural light. Actually, the more sunlight you allow to enter your bathroom, the wider it will look. Do not make the mistake to block your windows with solid or dark shower curtains. Pick a lighter fabric or even forget about the curtains. A great alternative is a matt glass that will block the direct sight to the bathroom, but will make your space look brighter, cleaner and thus larger at the same time.

  • Think about the counter

Tips on How to Spruce Up Your Small Bathroom 5When it comes to sprucing your small bathroom up, the counter top is certainly a feature you should not forget. This is one of the perfect places to incorporate the rounded shapes idea. This way you will have a bathroom which is both practical and more spacious. Opt for countertops with a clean design and less bumps. You may even consider disposing of that huge, old cupboard and use the counter as a storage space. No matter how large, it will consume less room than the bathroom cabinet. Plus, if you arrange your bathroom accessories and towels in a creative way, you will achieve a more stylish ambience. Use a spa basket to prevent clutter on the counter and place a vase with fresh flowers to create a 5-star bathing experience for you and your family.

  • Get rid of the shower door

If you decide to dispose of your shower door and use an interesting shower curtain instead, you may be surprised with the free bathroom space you have not discovered yet. Get a bright curtain if you want to give the small bathroom more character and bet on nature-inspired hues for a classic interior. Change the curtain every time you want to have a new image for your bathroom. The lack of the door will ensure more space and will also mean easier cleaning after every shower. Another way to save the deficient space is to install a shower tub. It will require less room than most shower cabins and will let you enjoy a long and relaxing bath without the unpleasant claustrophobic feel of being imprisoned.

Having a tiny bathroom might be a challenge, but there is always something you can do to make it look and feel bigger, prettier and more comfortable.

Erin Emanuel