Five Tips To Summer-Proof Your Kitchen

There are lots of good things about summer, but there can be challenges too, particularly in July and August when temperatures can go soaring. Here are some points to help you keep your cool on the hottest days.


Hang An Insect-Proof Curtain At The Door

Kitchens usually have the back door in them and summer means insects. You can buy various traps for catching them and moving them outdoors again, but most people prefer to keep them outside in the first place. Hanging netting at windows will also help to keep them at bay.

Always Cover Any Food Left In The Open

Bowls of fruit may look appealing, but they look appealing to insects too. In fact a lot of human food looks good to insects. Cover absolutely anything which is left in the open, even if only for a few moments.

Food includes leftovers. If you have a dishwasher, anything which has been used to hold food needs to be scraped and go straight into it, as soon as people have finished using it. If you don’t have a dishwasher, washing up needs to be done promptly after every meal. It’s fine if items need time to soak, once they’re in the soapy water, insects will lose interest.

Food also includes drinks. Glasses and mugs should be cleaned immediately every time they are used. If you have children in the house or if the adults can’t be persuaded to do this, try using travel mugs and drinking bottles. They have covers on them, which will deter insects.

Have An Emergency Stash Of Bottled Water

Water can be cut off in summer for various reasons. As it’s the one time of the year it could actually be dangerous to run out of it, keep a stash of it for emergencies. Ideally you should have enough to keep you going in hot weather for at least 24 hours. Remember to include pets when you’re making your calculations. Also remember that the heat will cause the water in pets’ dishes to evaporate so if you have to go out for an extended period, leave more than usual and see if bowls can be put in the shade.

Consider Putting Supplies Of Drinks In Other Rooms

If you’re getting fed up with a constant stream of people going in and out of the kitchen to get drinks, then consider taking the drinks to them. You can buy small water coolers which can be refilled with tap water or mini fridges which can store anything from tap water to canned and bottled drinks. You can even give them a Soda Stream for extra fizz. If you do this, you need to make it clear that all drinks containers need to be kept covered and/or rinsed out in the bathroom.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Worktop

A quality ceasarstone worktop will do a much better job of withstanding heat than a cheap laminate one. This is an advantage all year round, given that worktops have to withstand hot pans and hot food splashes. It can be particularly beneficial in summer, when foods are put on it or when someone puts their hands on it.

The author is the only person in her immediate family who doesn’t have a problem dealing with insects in general and spiders in particular.  Even she prefers to keep them outside if at all possible.  She also hates heat, although living in Scotland this is generally not too much of a problem.


Erin Emanuel