Tips and Tricks to Help you Care for High Quality Care Mats

It’s equally important to have a door mat at your home and office as any other thing used for decoration. Using a high quality door mat will protect the floors inside your building from outside dirt. This is because the majority of the dirt which will scratch and destroy the top surface of any floor is captured by the mat. Mats are an essential first line of defense, not only do they prevent the dirt entering but they lower the need to clean the floor. This also reduces the risk of people slipping due to wet floors. It becomes essential to take care of door mats especially if they are of high quality same as you take care of your branded clothes and luxurious furniture. The following tips will help you to care for your mat in an easy way:


Regular cleaning is vital

Whilst a mat does not need washing it does need regular vacuuming and even the occasion deep clean. The mat contains much of the dirt that would otherwise be in the building, if this dirt is not removed from the mat it will quickly overload the mat and allow dirt into the rest of the premises. A direct suction vacuum is the best option as it will not pull the edges of the mat into the brush. If the mat will not be used for a short while it is advisable to wash them with a pressure washer.


Even the best mats wear out over time. If this happens to your mat replace it as soon as possible. If the mat is no longer working effectively it is allowing dirt into your property and this will be far more costly to clean than replacing the mat. It will also cause damage to the floor. So it’s better to go for a replacement in time.

Second mats

It is a good idea to have one mat outside your front door and another just inside. This will reduce the wear and tear on each mat and will also make sure the amount of dirt collected is maximized. Again, this means there is less going into the building. Choose the material properly; go for sturdier ones for the outside, such as rubber and coir mats and keep softer materials for the inside, like bamboo or textile.


Length of the door mat

Inside mats should extend away from the door for as far as is reasonably possibly. The obvious reason for this is that the larger the matted area that people need to walk over, the more dirt which is collected. It also helps to avoid those who purposefully or inadvertently step over a door mat. Wherever possible the mats should extend for approximately four footsteps into the building. This will guarantee both feet of any visitor are caught.


If you are in an area where there is often large amounts of dirt attached to foot ware then it is advisable to fit a boot scraper just outside your door. This is particularly relevant if you are in the country or have a muddy path to walk down. A scraper will remove the biggest particles of dirt and the door mats should catch the rest of it. In this way the large amount of dirt will get captured inside the mat.


Particularly in the winter you will have wet shoes and boots. It is, therefore, imperative that you pick a mat which is designed to absorb moisture. If you do not then it is likely that the wetness on the bottom of someone’s shoe will end up all around the property.

Mat location is just as important as care

If your mat needs to be outside make sure you pick an outside mat! These mats are designed to handle extremes in the weather and temperature without degrading. If the mat is likely to be exposed to the elements it is essential to pick one which will drain quickly; both during and after the rain. You should also pick the color of your mat carefully; dark colors tend to show the dirt less.


A mat should also be chosen according to the level of traffic which will pass over it. The more people who will use it the tougher the mat will need to be. A decorative mat may look good but it will be harder to keep clean and may not work as well. Regular vacuuming and weekly washing with warm water and soap is very important.

Regardless of the design, homeowners should first think of safety. Anti static mats, scrapers, coir mats, are excellent choices because they’re famous for their durability. After you’ve selected a material you are free to look for an appealing design too. This will also help in making a good impression on your guests.




Erin Emanuel