Tips and Tricks to Decorate Around Your Television Set

The modern television is quite wider and bulkier than what they used to be. It can be challenging to build around them to make sure that they do not go against the whole motiff of your living room. As television sets are normally painted black, trying to hide the television becomes less of an option. Unless you are intending to paint the entire wall black, you are going to have to find some other way to work the television set into your internal decor.

television-set-decor-ideasThe problem is we want the television set to be viewed from whichever corner of the room but we do not want it to become the centerpiece that takes away from the design you are aiming for. This article will outline some of the most common tips and tricks that you can use to work your fancy new television sets into your living room by decorating around them so it does not become the focal point. From simple frames to mirror tv, here are the ideas that we have pulled together.


Use hutches or bookcases in a wall unit to match your television sets.

This is one of the easiest and quickest solutions to incorporate the television set into the space. You can use an entertainment console that will use matching hutches. If you are a fan of books, you may replaces hutches with matching bookcases instead. Whichever way works, as long as you make sure that it matches the television set. It should be fairly easy to find these additions from furniture stores of your choice. The storage space that you can gain from a set up like this is also an extra positive. The storage can then be used to house functional items like DVRs or gaming consoles but you can use it as well to put extra decors to further take away the attention from the television set.

Install a chest of a media console and let the creative juices do its work.

A favorite of many, incorporating the TV by installing a media console of chest gives you so much options to work with.

  1. Ease in the transition. You can put your television set between patterns that will help soften the transition to prevent absolute focus on itself. For, instance, if your television set is transfixed between two windows, you can choose drapes which feature black and white patterns. It will tie everything together with the repeating black and white color of both the drapes and the television set.
  2. Accentuate with some accessories. By adding some accessories that does not necessarily block the television view like short plants beneath the television set or lamps beside. This can give the television set a more cozy and inviting feel and will also allow you to feature the television set without actually focusing on it. However, you have to be careful and make sure that any accessories you add will not be hiding the television set from sight.
  3. Build a gallery wall. With the black frame that the television set already has, it can easily fit into a gallery wall and not be noticed at all. It is fun and creative way to both decorate around the television and to mix and match artwork to create a theme around it. You can also choose to put in photos instead of paintings as long as it does not go against the color matching. Given that the frame of the television set is often black, it might be good idea to use heavy black frames for your gallery as well. In fact, you can choose to put in as many frame similar objects around it such as lamps with black linings on the edges.
  4. Install shelves. Similar to the installation of hutches or bookcases, you can also put it general purpose shelves that are parallel to your television set. The additional space is versatile and can hold any decoration that you choose to put in. You can put leaning picture frames or paintings, small accessories, books or ornamental plants. What is important here is to make sure that the shelf color will not then highlight the color of your television set?
  5. Build it in. A clever way to decorate your television set is to build it in. You can create an interesting look for your living room by having your television set featured alongside chests or hutches.

Put your television set out of sight.

What can seem like a drastic measure to make sure that the television set does not get the focal point of the living room is to literally hide it from plain sight. There are many options for you to be able to do this. For instance, you can choose to install sliding doors on your wall unit that will then hide the television set if not in use. After all, people would want to watch the television set if it was turned on. Another more extravagant option is to install remote controlled mechanical apparatus that can slide your television out of sight at the push of a button. The television may retreat inside a wall, on top of the ceiling, or below the floor. If you choose this method however, you have to make sure that there will be no creases that will be left behind when the television is hidden. You would not want your room to have an ugly crease instead to be the focal point of the room.

Mirror TV

An elegant way to solve your TV hiding problems is to use Mirror TVs. These television sets can double as a mirror when the television set is not in use. You can decide to transform your existing television set into one yourself or you may ask professional help to do so. You can also buy a MIrror TV directly from the electronic store. This is probably the best way to hide your television set in plain sight and it adds functionality to your living room as well.

Erin Emanuel