Top 3 Tips To Hiring Long-distance Movers

Tips To Hiring Long-distance Movers

Planning to move out of the city and start a whole new life elsewhere? My, doesn’t that sound terribly exciting?

The world is indeed such a curious place that it’s a pity to leave it unexplored. Moving in to a new town, city, or country, for whatever reason you may have can give you a whole mix of emotions. And we get it. It’s exciting to think that you’re moving to a new place but also sad because you’re going to have to leave somethings and some people behind. Moving out can feel like a great adventure but also a big risk at the same time. It’s a whole of emotions and it can get you asking questions like:

Will I come to love it there?

What if the place I’m moving to isn’t everything I expected?

Will I be able to adjust?

Is it better to stay in this city after all?

Am I sure of my decision to move?

Well, sad to say, I don’t have the answer to these questions (but this article might!).  I also don’t know where you can find the answers to your questions. What I do know is that the biggest questions often have the simplest answers but it varies for every person. So it really depends on how you see your situation and how much you are willing to risk to get out of it and turn your life over to a completely different situation. One other thing I do know is that before you even begin thinking about any of these confusing life-changing questions, ask yourself: How on earth am I going to make this move possible again?


I mean it’s okay to think about the deep stuff but maybe you can do it after you’ve sorted the physical stuff. A move is a big change in your life. It involves a lot of internal conditioning and physical adjustments. “Moving” is already much of a hassle as it is albeit the emotional baggage and whatnot. Just think about it. Think of all the things you need to physically transfer from one place to another. It’s not really just about mentally preparing yourself; it’s about physically preparing for the move too. Clothes, furniture, appliances, equipment, and all those other things aren’t going to move themselves. They will most definitely not teleport to your new place of residence either. So unless you’re willing to get rid of all your baggage and start a new life all the way back from square one, you better get yourself packing – and brainstorming about what you should do about your belongings.

Because I’m feeling extra generous today, I won’t keep you waiting to find your own answer. Long story short, what you need is a good moving company. If you can’t leave your life behind, bring it with you – parts of it at least. This way, even if you have to leave your hometown for practical reasons like work opportunities and chasing your dreams, you won’t feel as homesick. You can bring everything that’s been a part of your life with you. Yes, even across great distances. All you need is to get yourself acquainted with the right long distance moving company.

Here’s how to spot them:

Tip #1: Explore Options

You may think that you’ve found yourself the perfect moving company but I encourage you to look once more. All too often, we make decisions because we are pressed with time. And for more times than I can count, these time-stricken decisions often fail. Don’t rush and plan in advance. Check out different companies ahead of time so that you don’t end up making any halfhearted choices.

Tip #2: Get Evidence

When you’re getting to know a certain moving company, don’t take them by their word. They’re trying to sell you something so you should already anticipate the fact that they’re willing to do whatever it takes. To counter this, all you need to do is get proof. Get to know how they’ve worked in the past by asking for a work portfolio or reading client testimonials.

Tip #3: Assess The Deal’s Price

There will be many EXCELLENT moving companies here and there; that’s for sure. So when you are faced with many options, the next thing you should look at is price. Is the package worth the price? Can you get the same package for a lower price elsewhere?When you are faced with many good choices, it would make sense to go for the company that offers you the best deal.

Erin Emanuel


  1. I agree that it’s best to choose a moving company that can offer you a great deal, so you should consider checking their prices. My husband and I are actually interested in hiring a local moving company. Our main concern is the budget that we have to prepare in hiring a moving company because we have other expenses to consider when we move. Thanks!

  2. Great article some really good tips here, thx for posting. Lots of things to consider & plan ahead when moving long distance.

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