Top Considerations Of Building Spiral Stairs In Your Home

One way that many people choose to improve the appearance of their homes, especially if they are two-storey, is through the addition of spiral stairs. These staircases are highly attractive and take up far less floor space than traditional versions, making them a popular choice for homes that are a little cramped or narrow. To ensure that you are building these stairs in the right way, however, it is important that you have taken the following considerations into account from the very beginning.

  • What type of material to use
    Take a moment to think about all of the spiral stairs that you have seen in the past. It’s likely that most of them were in grandiose homes or million dollar mansions, so you would imagine that they would utilize some pretty expensive materials. This is not necessarily the case, however, as it is possible to achieve a stunning staircase design using the affordable materials. The most common of these materials is timber, but metal is also beginning to grow in popularity. In some cases, you may even like to use a combination of materials for a slightly different look.Spiral Stairs
  • What type of curvature to use
    Did you know that the spiral can actually be crafted in a variety of sizes to suit the amount of space that you have available in your home? The type that we are most familiar with is the tight spiral, which is commonly used when there is very little space to spare. If you have more room available, the curvature can be spread out a little more, resulting in broader treads and a wider flight. Some homeowners even opt for dual flights, which tend to twist up around each other or beside each other. The look you are after can also help to determine the curve you settle on.What budget are you looking at
    Before you become too emotionally invested in the construction of spiral stairs for your home, it is important that you have carefully considered the budget that you have available. It doesn’t really matter what material you have chosen if the design is quite complex, as this will take much longer to build and will, therefore, end up costing you more money. You should look carefully at your finances and decide how much you can afford at the absolute most; if you cannot afford stairs at this point in time, you might have to save for a few more years.

By ensuring that you have taken each of the above considerations into account when building spiral stairs in your home  you can ensure that you are making the right choice for your current needs. This will ensure that the staircase is the perfect match for your home and that it is able to provide you with many years of service before you would even think about undertaking any more work on it. Just don’t forget to employ a highly skilled and qualified contractor to help you out, otherwise your stairs might come tumbling down.

Erin Emanuel