Top New RV Mistakes to Avoid


Top RV Mistakes

Whether you’ve decided to buy a new RV, or you’re going to be renting an RV for an upcoming trip, there can be some things to know. RVing is a great experience, but there are also mistakes you should try to avoid.

The following are some RV situations to try and stay away from, if you’re buying or renting.

Not Doing a Test Drive

Whether you’re going to be buying or renting if you have the opportunity you should try and do a test drive. This can be a given if you’re buying, however not as much if you’re renting. If you are renting an RV and you have the chance, it can be worthwhile to go with the owner at least for a few minutes.

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The owner can give you some tips as far as what the overhead clearance is really like as well as the turn radius. It’s good to go and do it in an environment that’s not as stressful before you’re getting ready to park in a crowded place, for example.

In general, giving yourself a crash course on RV essentials can be extremely helpful. There are simple things to learn, such as what to do when you’re at the dumping station, to some even more complex things to do. You want to learn about leveling for example, before you head out.

Not Bringing a Map

A hard copy map can seem a little old-fashioned in the time of GPS and smartphones, but it can be really important to have one handy when you head out. Your smartphone isn’t always going to have service, and you may be in a situation where that navigation isn’t working.

While you may never have to use a paper map, it can be good to have one on hand just in case.

Not Making Reservations

Whether you’re buying or renting, when you’re planning an RV trip it’s important to make campground reservations ahead of time whenever possible. After all, you probably wouldn’t head out for a vacation without hotel reservations, right? So why do that when you’re in an RV?

RV sites fill up quickly. This is especially true over certain holidays, and the best spots go even faster than some others. Make sure that you’re prepared.

Not Disconnecting

This is one of the funnier mistakes on this list, but it’s also more common than you might think. Forgetting to disconnect something like a sewer hose happens and when you do it, you’re bringing part of the campground with you.

Don’t forget to fully disconnect before hitting the road again.

Finally, packing too much is something else to be aware of and avoid. Your RV has a weight limit, and when you don’t follow those, it can make your trip more difficult in a variety of ways. For example, it can make stopping harder if your vehicle is overweight. Make lists, and then go through those lists and eliminate the things that aren’t must-haves before you start packing.

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