Top Sheds Maintenance Tips To Follow

Life would be better if we are not required to take countless medicine/vitamin supplements to ensure that our health at its peak or have our car oil changed once in a while. For sure it would! But in reality we are inclined to do it in order to have a longer life or to enjoy more our car. The same idea applies to shed’s maintenance.  The following are sensible maintenance worth following for:

Most wooden sheds manufacturers had primed the woods to resist insect infestation, rot and decay. But aside from this, shed owners have to follow certain techniques to make sure that their wooden shed has tough protection against extreme weather conditions.

 Painting is Fundamental

All wooden sheds must be painted within 60-day post installation period.

  • Any exposed wood exterior must be primed with a high quality primer before painting.
  • Holes created by nails, knots and wood dents or blemishes must be filled with wood putty before priming.
  • Caulk the piping, joints or cracks in windows and other fixtures.
  • Factory prime wood siding and trim must be painted using high quality acrylic latex paint; satin or semi-gloss finishes are recommended. Never miss an exposed siding edges taking special attention to the bottom edge and all six sides – top, bottom, two sides front and back.

To create a complementing look, shed owners can paint matching colors of their wooden shed and home. A primed shed is easier to paint. Have fun and do not be afraid to use bold design and style.

Paint Steel Doors

Primed metal sheds must be also painted within the 60 days of installation.

  • A good adhesion is a key to a hassle-free painting. Pre-prime metal surfaces must be gently sanded with 360 grit sandpaper.
  • All metal surfaces must be cleaned with xylene wash. A phosphate cleaner is also a good alternative. Make sure that the surfaces are wipe-dried with a lint-free cloth.
  • Quality 100% acrylic-latex paint is recommended. Make sure to paint all the sides of the doors. The life of the paint depends on the weather patterns in your area and the quality of paint you used. Do not hesitate to re-paint any metal surfaces that need repainting.

 Other Shed Maintenance Tips to Follow

Just like other equipments or machineries we use, they need a regular maintenance to prolong its life.

  • Always wear a protective gear with painting your shed.
  • Regularly trim the grass or any vegetation growing around the shed’s perimeter.
  • Sheds that are built over a 4×4 wood floor treated runner have stronger foundation. This protects the shed from ground moisture and elevates the entire shed’s floor allowing air to circulate under the shed’s foundation. This must be regularly maintained as a weak foundation can cause your shed to sink or shift over time.
  • Do not stack bags of soil, mulch or firewood at the shed’s siding.
  • Occasionally spraying a lubricant in your shed’s doorknobs prolongs the locking mechanism of the shed’s door and prevents them from freezing during winter season.
  • Installing an insulator or heater in wooden sheds is not recommended.
  • Do not let sprinklers touch the bottom part of the shed as this will cause the wood to rot or the metal to gather rust and overtime will cause the foundation to weaken.
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