Top Types of Fencing to Consider for Your Home

There are several reasons for having proper fencing around your house. An effective layout provides the frame for your yard, complementing and completing the picture within. It can add to the overall aesthetic while creating a subtle line of control between what lies inside and outside your property.


Of course, the main purpose of fencing is to serve as the primary means of protection against trespassers, thieves, and animals. Moreover, fences are important from a privacy standpoint. They ensure you can feel safe when enjoying time with family and friends in the yard.

If you’re on the market for new fencing for your home, the following list details the most attractive and reliable options.



A bricks and mortar solution offers numerous advantages. You can raise the height according to your preferences, and the piece-by-piece construction opens up a limitless range of shapes and styles. It’s also easy to decorate, be it with creeper plants or exterior paint. When combined with barbed wire or iron fencing, brick walls can provide solid security.

In a similar vein, you won’t have to worry about fire resistance and the material holds up well against weather. As for disadvantages, brick walls can be costly to build and tedious to relocate. To learn more about installation, check out this first-time homeowners’ guide to fencing.


This is the foremost choice among Americans and Canadians, particularly in suburban and rural areas. A durable wood fence, be it in the form of pickets, panels, logs, or posts, can add an approachable and warm feeling to your property.

The durability of this fencing type largely depends on the thickness of the components, as well as length and height. It’s best to opt for weather-resistant variations. If possible, get your material season-proofed and termite resistant. Cedar, Pine, Fir, and Spruce are among the most popular types of wood to use here.


A simple and attractive option, aluminum fencing is essentially maintenance-free and available in a variety of colors. It won’t provide the best security, however.Your backyard might be exposed. The only workaround is to raise the fence above climbing height or fit electric wires on top. If security is less of a concern, you might also want to explore PVC and wrought iron fencing.

Aluminum fencing is very versatile since you can easily adjust it so it perfectly fills the landscape. You can use it on both flat and sloped surfaces. Also, it is very affordable, especially when you compare it with steel or wrought iron. Aluminum is highly-durable and very low-maintenance. It is friendly to the environment and can be quite beautiful because the material is available in practically all colors.


You can use vinyl since it offers high curb appeal and has a very high durability. It is close to completely maintenance free and is much stronger than wood, 5 times in fact. Vinyl will be able to easily handle anything ranging from cattle to rowdy kids. It is highly weather-resistant and has a durability of up to ten years. However, the big disadvantage you should be aware of is that the price tag is higher than with other fence types.

Chain Link

A chain link fence comprises galvanized steel that has been twisted into a pattern and wrapped around iron or concrete poles. This type of fencing is all about utility. It’s affordable, durable, and easy to maintain. You can buy it in readymade components and work it into your preferred configuration without much effort.

While not ideal for privacy on its own, you can grow creeper plants or shrubs on your chain link fence to create a more concealed appearance. Green nets are also available for this purpose. That said, chain link is not very secure and easily bypassed, so keep this in mind if safety is a priority.

There are a few other choices you might want to consider, including bamboo, stone, and farm fencing. Take some time to explore your options and see what will suit your home best.

Wrought Iron

Many homeowners love wrought iron fences because of the fact that they are visually appealing. They also offer a very high level of security to the property. The problem is you end up trading some privacy for this since pickets will be spaced far apart.

When referring to cost, wrought iron is quite expensive, especially when you want to add a gate that matches or some ornamental details. But, if you can afford the investment, wrought iron can easily last for tens of years with proper preventative steps to avoid rusting. And using this material is a great way to improve property value.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the best choice for your fence is something you should think about while taking into account what is most important for you. The options above all have advantages and disadvantages but one of them is most likely the best type of fencing for you.

Erin Emanuel