8 Things to Check before Hiring a Trailer

Many reasons make it impossible for some businesses to purchase their own trailers. It might be a matter of not having enough space, prohibitive purchase prices, or the cost of ongoing maintenance.

trailer rental tipsA good trailer business is one that offers all types of transport trailer options you can choose from without having to worry about a maintenance bill.

Below are eight things you need to consider before renting a trailer.


Is the Right Trailer Available?

What are your reasons for renting a trailer? Is it to move large equipment or vehicles? Are you needing to move boxed or packaged items? Is it for a move? You should make sure that the type of trailer you need is available. Getting the wrong type of trailer can make your job harder and may not be able to accommodate the size and weight of your items to be moved.

What Are the Rental Terms?

How long do you need to rent a trailer for? Many companies offer terms for daily, weekly, or monthly rentals. You can find an affordable option that fits your needs. You can also discuss long-term rentals for your ongoing transport projects. Are you offered the level of insurance you need to ensure your loads are protected in the event there is an accident?

Make sure you understand all charges and whether there will be additional fees for turning in the trailer late, or at a different location. How far in advance do you need to reserve a trailer rental? Contact the customer service specialists so that they answer all of your questions before you secure the rental.

What Are the Maintenance Obligations and Terms?

One of the benefits that only some rental trailers offer is the ability to have a maintenance contract that takes care of everything for up keep and performance. These companies let you opt for a maintenance plan that covers emergency repairs or go with one that covers everything for routine care and repair. It’s a more affordable option over purchasing a trailer for some businesses.

Is There a Location for Trailer Rental Near You?

How close are you to one of our convenient trailer rental locations? There are a number of companies that maintain numerous trailer rental locations providing quality sales, service, repair, and rentals for all types of trailers. You can contact the customer service representatives of these companies so that they can direct you to the nearest location for your convenience in both trailer pickups and drop-offs.

Is There a Replacement Option In Case of a Breakdown?

Finding yourself and your load on the side of the road with trailer problems is not something you want when renting a trailer. A good company offers trailers that function properly without you having to go through any such hassle or trouble.

Is the Trailer In Good Condition?

You should always take a good look and conduct an in-depth visual inspection when picking up a rental trailer. Look for signs of brake problems and wear, cracked wiring, corrosion on the metal frames, wheels, or hitch mechanisms. Are any of the tires showing excessive wear or damage? You never want to hook up to a trailer that has worn tires. Does the trailer look as if it’s been stored in a safe area that is free of flooding? A good trailer rental company would always pay attention to these details and maintain their trailers well.

Has the Trailer Been Well-Maintained?

Good trailer rental companies keep a staff of maintenance professionals that have years of experience in all manners of trailer service and repair. Make sure there is a track record of maintenance for the trailer you plan to rent. How long has it been since the axles were maintained? How often are the trailers inspected for damage? Has the trailer ever been involved in a serious accident?

Does the Trailer Have All the Proper Lighting, Break Connection, and Hitch Abilities?

Trailers that are moved at night need to have lighting that alerts drivers about their presence. Whether used for day or night, the trailer needs to have working turn signals and brake lights. You should be able to easily connect the brake wiring bundle and lights to your vehicle. Take a close look at the hitch. It needs to be attached solid to the body of the trailer. Make sure you ask the rental company how the hitch mechanism works so you can safely connect the trailer to the vehicle.

Finding the right trailer rental company can be tricky if you’re not prepared or haven’t conducted your research. However, the above-mentioned points can help you find the right rental company. Find your budget-friendly transport solutions right now.

Erin Emanuel