The Traveller’s Idea Guide to Home Decorating

If you love to travel and often bring home knickknacks and souvenirs, you’d probably love to create a decorative theme for a room or for your whole home. You may not know exactly how to work your precious finds into your décor, however.

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The following ideas will help you create a living travel journal in your home, whether you choose to decorate one room or your entire house, condo or apartment.

Safari Weapons

If your travels include a safari, why not decorate your walls with a few trophies? While wild animal heads are not possible or maybe even desirable, you might want to bring back a few souvenir weapons, such as spears, slingshots and boomerangs. They’ll make interesting and attractive wall décor in your study or living room.


If you travel a great deal, for business or pleasure, consider creating a wall of maps showing your travels. You can use push pins and string to mark out your route, or mark the route with a fine-line pen. For a vintage look, stain your maps with tea to give them a sepia tone.


Who says that your luggage has to be stowed away when not in use? Even if you don’t have an attractive steamer trunk plastered with travel labels, you may have a nice-looking suitcase or satchel which could liven up a study or living room area, particularly if you add the aforementioned travel stickers. As an added bonus, the stickers will make your luggage easier to find in baggage check. To make sure the stickers stay on, secure them firmly and cover them with clear adhesive tape for durability. When you’re ready to remove them, use a citrus-based cleaner to take off the goo without damaging your luggage.

Vases, Statues and Knickknacks

If you have quite a few pieces you particularly want to display, consider building or purchasing a special display shelf. You can build something into almost any room. If you prefer to purchase a ready-made solution, many department stores and specialty stores offer beautiful shelves, étagères and display cases. To make your display pieces stand out, mount a spot light in the ceiling over the display case.


It may seem a little cliché to display your travel photographs, but if you have great images from your journeys, you should definitely show them off. You may not want to just put them in eight by ten frames and line them up in rows on the wall, though. Get creative with collage frames, mixtures of large and small frames, and even poster frames holding many photos. You may also want to try unframed photos “scattered” across the wall, as if on a desk or table.

However you decide to use your travel-related objects in decorating your home, you definitely should use them. Sometimes when we travel we buy things we think are incredibly cool, but we lose interest when we get them home.

These items make great home décor, even if you don’t immediately see the original charm. First, they say something about you and where you’ve ben. Second, the people who visit your home haven’t been where you’ve been or experienced what you’ve experienced. They’ll love seeing your travel trophies, and you’ll gain new respect for your travel souvenirs and fall back in love with them again as you see how popular they are with others.

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