Trendy Curtain Designs for Your Windows

When it comes to house interiors, most people want to keep up with the trends. Interior design over the years has evolved considerably and everything from windows, to furniture, to sliding door designs has gone through a makeover. That being said, how can curtain designs be left far behind? Whether it’s PVC windows, casement windows or metal windows, in India or anywhere else, great curtains make for great style. In this article we profile some trendy curtain designs that can look fabulous in any home.

Design trends keep changing over the years and in keeping with the times most people too prefer to change the decor of their home. There are certain elements that together make up the interior decor of a home and curtains are one of them. If one goes through any home design magazines, there are a number of smart ideas that can be sourced. You want new sliding doors? There are a number of designs for sliding doors to choose from. You live in India and are looking for PVC windows? Again, there are a number of options.

In most cases, while other styles might still have their place, contemporary rules the roost. Trendy and stylish curtains that are minimalistic are mostly preferred. If you are looking for some such patterns and designs, here are a few options to consider:



Sheer Curtain


Sheers not only look trendy they are extremely classy as well. Like in the picture, a number of different colors can be chosen. You could also decide to go for plain white or just one solid color. That will obviously depend upon the rest of the color theme in your home.


Dotted Curtain


Dots of any kinds are always considered trendy and modern. Whether you choose a pattern as shown above or go for some other fabric, polka dots always convey a contemporary sense of style. Going through any decor resource, print or web, one is sure to come across designs for sliding doors or windows that will try to incorporate dots in some way, even if it’s in the curtains part.



Solids Curtain


Solids, whether in combination or on their own, always help in creating an impactful look whether for the door or for the window. In India whether it’s PVC windows that one is trying to cover or French doors, solid curtains will work just as fine. While one solid color might end up looking a little bland, a combination of two can really do wonders.


Stripes Curtain


And finally, bold stripes are one of the trendiest things that you can do to your windows. Whether one decides to go for vertical or horizontal stripes is a matter of personal choice. How thick or thin the stripes are going to be is almost something that can be decided based on the rest of the decor.


Choosing a trendy curtain for your home does not have to be a difficult task. Taking a cue and inspiration from the options above, you can go on to enhance the interiors of your own home to create a very stylish look. All the effort that you put in will give you the result of having a beautiful home that you can enjoy for all times to come.

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Manoj Jha is an experienced blogger. In above post he has shared some trendy curtain designs for windows. Also, you can check more ideas from Fenesta about curtains design.

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