Too Hot, Too Cold, or Juuuust Right? 5 Tricks for Perfect Home Temperature and Air Flow

Does your home have a tendency of getting too hot? Or do you have the opposite problem, and have to bundle up in a drafty home? One of the best ways to make sure that your home is comfortable is to keep the temperature consistent and the air flow steady. Not every house is set up well to maximize air flow. However, there are some tips that every homeowner can use to make the temperature and air flow in their homes more ideal. If you want to keep your home as comfortable as possible, follow these five tips for perfect home temperature and air flow.


Check Your Vents

One of the easiest ways to ensure that the air flow is optimized in your home is to regularly check the vents in your home are open. It is surprising how often people do this only to find that half the vents in their home were closed, or not opened wide enough. As well as making sure all your vents are open, you also must regularly clean them to make sure that dust does not clog them up.

Install a Smart Thermostat

These days, it is a no-brainer to install a smart thermostat in your home. This will allow you to always keep the temperature perfect in your house. You can program the smart thermostat to lower the temperature while you are sleeping and bring it back up by the time you wake up. You can also control a smart thermostat with an app on your smart phone from anywhere in the world, which allows you to adjust the temperature if you want it to be warmer or colder when you get home.

Embrace the Power of Fans

No matter how good your home’s heating and cooling system is, it will work better if you use some good old-fashioned fans to push the air Too Hot, Too Cold, or Juuuust Right - 5 Tricks for Perfect Home Temperature and Air Flow.PNGaround you home. If you have ceiling fans in your home, you will be amazed at how much better the air flow is in your home when you use them. Placing some box fans in your hallways will also improve air flow if the house tends to get stuffy.

Get Your Duct work Cleaned

Once a year, you should bring an HVAC expert in to clean the duct work in your home. You would be surprised how much dust can get in your vents, and this dust can greatly restrict your home’s air flow.

Change Your Furnace Filter Monthly

When you are using your furnace during the cold months of the year, you need to change your furnace filter every month. Not only will this keep the air flowing freely through your HVAC system, but it will also improve the air quality in your home. Aside from changing the filters, regular maintenance will greatly extend the life of your furnace, according to the professionals of Comfortable Home Systems who specialize in furnace repair in St. Albert.

If you follow these five tips, your home will be much more comfortable and you’ll be able to breathe easy–literally. Optimizing air flow and keeping the temperature ideal will greatly improve the quality of your living space and the time you spend at home. It doesn’t take much effort to make a few adjustments and perfect your home air flow and temperature.

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons via Chuck Redden

Erin Emanuel