Types of Adhesive Tapes

If you are packing boxes to be shipped to some other location, then you have two conditions. Based on these two conditions, you need to choose your packaging tapes:

  • Cold Temperature: If the boxes will be kept in cold temperature, while shipping, then you need to use hand packaging tape with water based acrylic adhesive. For example, you can consider using Tesa 4262 Acrylic Packaging Tape for doing the job.
  • Heavy Boxes: The second condition is the weight of the boxes. If heavy materials are needed to be shipped or moved, you need to select heavy duty 40 micron (um) hand packaging tape with natural rubber adhesive. For example, you can use Heavy Duty Packaging Tapes of any trusted manufacturer.

With this infographic, created by Globe Packaging, we are sharing important information about adhesive tape.

Adhesive Tape

Erin Emanuel