Perth Home Experts Discussed The Different Types Of Curtains Along With Their Uses

Curtains will control the amount of light that will enter into your room. They will also ensure a certain level of privacy. But prior to purchasing the curtain you are going to use, you must consider a couple of important factors.

Types of curtains


Different Types Of Curtains

Tab-top Curtains

These are great for a casual ambience. They’re made with flat loops spaced along the top edge of a curtain. This type of curtain will not require curtain rings – they can easily be drawn open and closed without pulling any cord.

Grommet-top Curtains

This is a new type of curtain. It passes through the large grommet rings at the top of the curtain which create a broadly pleated look. This type is actually great for a crisp, modern room like a lounge or perhaps a study.

Rod-pocket Drapes

These are also called pole-pocket drapes. They are made with a casing at the top which slips over a curtain rod. Like tab-top curtains, this type of curtains likewise does not require rings. Sheer fabric curtains are usually made with 2 rod pockets at the top so you can easily slide the curtain rod through the lower pocket. Be aware that a soft ruffling effect will be created by the unused top pocket. These are actually great for making the curtain feel as if it is integrated into the wall since the rod will become invisible under the drapes.

Ring-top Drapery

This is hung on decorative curtain rings that are attacked into the drapes at intervals across the top. The rings are actually ideal for showing off a design-centric curtain rod. Similar to tab-top drapes, these also do not require a pull cord in order to open or clothes.

Window Scarves

These are decorative additions to your current curtains. They will actually drape over your other curtains in order to frame your window decorations. You must be aware that a window scarf can be tailor-made in order to match your curtains or out of drapery material.

Sheer Curtains

These will let light enter into the room and still maintain a great level of privacy. They must be bought in excessive width in order to appropriately fold to cover your window but still with sufficient amount of privacy. If you want to achieve a more dramatic loo, you can actually add more width to every window. These are considered great for plain or decorative curtain rods.


These are considered a different kind of window treatment. They might be used as a window scarf that will match your drapery and is swagged across the top. Or maybe, they can be constructed in a more boxy design that is mounted above the window in order to disguise or perhaps hide drapery rods. Know that you can even make use of valances even without current curtains – you can just add a decorative flair above your window. Be aware that most valances will require brackets for hanging.

There are indeed a wide range of curtains to choose from. Knowing their individual purposes will help you decide which to invest in.

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