Bathroom Beliefs: How to Make Your Remodel More Unconventional

Remodeling a bathroom is a way to not only increase your home’s overall property value, but give you more creative freedom to create an entirely new look and feel. Creating a new atmosphere in your bathroom is possible by remodeling the space more unconventionally than traditional bathroom remakes and designs.┬áTake a look at these unconventional designs and how they can make your bathroom a place fit for royalty.


Research Vintage Trends and Color Schemes

When looking to create an unconventional bathroom look, research vintage trends and color schemes from retro eras of bathroom designs. Researching vintage trends can be done with home interior magazines as well as online communities and networks dedicated to DIY, crafting, and home remodeling projects. Creating your own color scheme is also possible with the use of paint strips from traditional paint and home improvement retailers.


Finding the right theme for your bathroom is also key to selecting the type of color scheme and patterns you want to incorporate with the complete and finished look. Whether you are interested in a Tuscan-themed bathroom, a seaside-themed look, or if you are more interested in a modern contemporary style, there are hundreds and thousands of potential options to choose from before moving forward with the purchase of new paint, furniture, fixtures and accessories.

Install a Standalone Bathtub

Another fixture that helps bathrooms stand out as unconventional is a standalone or vintage bathtub. Using a standalone tub over a traditional shower and bathtub unit that is more modern allows you to capture the essence of a different and unique look you may have in mind for your future bathroom once the project is complete. Installing a standalone bathtub is not only unique, but a great conversation starter with guests or potential buyers.

Use Patterned Wooden Floors

One way to truly help any bathroom regardless of its size is to consider installing patterned wooden flooring. Using different patterns and wooden planks to complete your own look and feel in your bathroom is unconventional and provides you with unlimited creativity throughout the process. It is possible to order patterned wood flooring sets by visiting traditional retail home improvement stores as well as by searching online for the right type of flooring that best fits with the vision you have for your own bathroom. You might even go with a more unique choice like decorative tiling or cork flooring.

Consider a Heating and Plumbing Repair or Upgrade

A major remodeling factor to consider when seeking an unconventional makeover for a bathroom in your home is to upgrade the current plumbing and heating for the space. A Langley plumber says upgrading and updating plumbing and heating in the bathroom drastically reduces the amount of energy and waste you are consuming, while allowing you to save on costs and lower your overall carbon footprint throughout the home. Companies like Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating can update fixtures to be more unique and add a little extra edge to your design.

Having fun and getting creative with the new look of your future bathroom ensures you are creating a space that is unconventional, original, and unique. With a bit of hard work, patience and creativity it is possible to bring any new bathroom vision you have in mind to fruition.

Erin Emanuel