7 Unique Remodeling Ideas for Your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel can add significant value to your home, but don’t underestimate the value it can have on your quality of life. Work out your plan completely before you begin, keeping in mind your style, what you would like to change, and how much space you have. Some items are fine for do-it-yourselfers, but you may save time and money by using a professional in order to avoid mistakes. Lang’s Kitchen & Bath suggest using a storyboard to make sure everything is done is proper order. Here are seven ideas for 2015:

1. Change Shapes

Bathroom style has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Consider replacing your traditional tub with a freestanding tub. This is not your mother’s claw foot tub! Today’s tubs have sleek lines and beautiful curves. Using a tub with a smaller footprint may also allow room to rework a shower layout. Replace the vanity top with raised basin sinks in a similar style. Toilets have changed shapes too. Go with a low-flow toilet with modern curves to match the tub.

2. Energize with Color

Don’t let color scare you! If you need a little kick to get going in the mornings, a white bathroom with bright pops of color may be just the thing. You can redo your bathroom in spa-like all-white tiling and bring in the bright color with towels and accessories. Or add the color using unexpectedly random color tiles or colored grout between white tiles. For extra fun, add a color-changing LED shower head.


3. Calm Down with Naturals

Make nature your sanctuary. Use river rock tile in your shower with free styling organic curves, or as a border on the walls or floor. A reclaimed wood vanity pairs nicely with stone sink basins. Compliment with a weathered-wood-look floor, but use suitable materials for bathroom flooring such as porcelain tile. You can add warmth with colors, but for real warmth, add radiant heating under the floor.

4. Glam It Up

If you are looking for elegance, it’s all in the details. Replace cabinetry with dark wood or always-elegant white, or add molding trim to existing cabinets. Upgrade hardware like towel bars and hooks with more intricate pieces. Change out a plain mirror with one or two ornate mirrors. Linen patterns should be kept simple, but incorporate richer textures and monochromatic tone-on-tone patterns. Replace an outer decorative shower curtain with two luxurious window curtains hung ceiling to floor. Groupings of clear glass pedestal jars can hold cotton balls and other toiletries. Finish the look with a crystal chandelier over the tub and an orchid on the vanity.

5. Stand Out with Steampunk

The artsy steampunk trend has moved to the bathroom! Find a creative plumber, because this is one room where exposed pipes look right at home. From the light fixtures to the hardware, you can merge new industrial fixtures with up cycled items for a one-of-a-kind room that is sure to be the center of conversation. Use shiny copper or antique pewter piping, and finish off with hammered metal sinks. Get creative with the accessories!

6. Change Your Reflection

Mirror, mirror on the wall—you’re the most boring mirror of all! There’s no reason you can’t spice up a large builder standard mirror. Frame it with molding, add extra storage in the middle with a tall narrow wooden shelf to match your cabinetry, or customize with beautiful accent tiles around the edge. For a bolder statement, use two individual mirrors or extra-large totally-mirrored cabinets.

7. Bring Out Your Inner Bohemian

Express yourself with boho chic using a variety of colors and patterns. Add texture on an accent wall with ceiling tiles painted in jewel tones and glazed with antiquing. Pull a rich color from a ceiling tile to use for sink bowl basins on an old dresser made into a vanity, and repeat the color in shower tiles or a tub. Add fabrics, handmade soaps, and basketry for accessories, and a tied-rag rug on a faux brick floor.

Your bathroom may be a “necessary room,” but it doesn’t have to be stuffy or boring. Have fun with your remodel, and don’t be afraid to integrate ideas and things you love into a room you spend lots of time in!


Erin Emanuel

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  1. Great ideas!!! These ideas can change the look of the bathroom and make it look awesome. You can repaint your cabinet instead of changing as it will save your money. You can also use walk in shower instead of bathtub in your bathroom as it will save space. But anyway nice ideas from you to renovate bathroom

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