Unique Ceiling Design To Add beauty to Your Home Interiors

Are you aware of the importance of a unique ceiling design for your home interior? Interior design is supposed to be all encompassing, but this is a rule that is often forgotten when it comes to the ceiling. The lion’s share of attention are given to the walls and the floors  with the ceiling being sidelined to an afterthought. In most homes, it is designed to mirror the floor, and might have a textured finish to give it some appeal. Thankfully, this is a trend that is on its last legs as ceilings have in recent times become projects on their own.

While good décor, furnishings, and different styling elements might give life to a room, it is the ceiling that really gives it character. It is an additional cost, but the aesthetics of a unique ceiling design does pay dividends over the years. Your home’s interiors will always stand out, and should a time come when you decide to sell, there will be more prospective buyers lining up.

Functional ceiling

Perhaps the single most convincing reason why ceilings are sidelined in design is because function is favored over form. It is not a structural element as it is used to conceal whatever is above- roofing materials, or stories. This concealment does bring its share of disadvantages, such as difficulty in diagnosing or repairing the hidden systems, but it is widely accepted as the standard.

Ceiling height should be well-thought-out when deciding on a ceiling design. Though there are some considerations that go into determining the ceiling height for a home, most recommendations indicate nine feet at least. While shorter ones may look cosy and calm, they are more likely to make the space feel cramped and claustrophobic, if not planned well.

Higher ceilings on the other hand are ideal and should be the go-to if budget and space are not limited. They offer an airy feel to the interiors and add grandeur to walkways and staircases. They also allow for large windows to be installed, meaning natural light floods in unrestricted. This is the reason high-ceiling homes command higher asking prices than their counterparts with standard heights.

Unique Ceiling Design and 5 different types of ceiling

There are different ceiling types, which can be the said as the origin of unique ceilings design. The 5 major ceiling types that are always in talk are:

  • Popcorn ceilings – These were once very popular due to their acoustic properties. The textured finish is no longer as compelling, with many property owners preferring a smoother ceiling as it offers better light reflection. They are also visually more aesthetic.
  • Dropped ceilings – these are currently the most desired, as they offer a large design canvas. And they can be customized to fit any property, commercial or residential.
  • Concave ceilings – these are rarer and feature an outward curve. More typically, they’re suited to houses where acoustic value is prioritized.
  • Coffered ceilings – these are another type, and these feature a grid of recessed square panels.
  • Finally, there is the stretch ceiling variation, which features a perimeter track, and a lightweight material that clips into it.

With this insight into ceilings and their types, here are nine exceptional ceiling designs that you can use for your home-building or rebuilding project.


Unique Ceiling Design – Glossy Curved Ceiling

unique ceiling design

A curved design is a unique way to do your ceilings as itis rather eccentric. It works best for large rooms where the expansiveness of the design can be better appreciated. This house features a curved glossy design that helps disseminate light all across the living and dining areas. It stays true to the primary color of the décor, and is built to offer continuity by integrating the supporting arch into itself. The lighting should ideally be incorporated in a way that doesn’t infringe on the design. In this case, distracting lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers, are avoided so that all the focus is on the asymmetry of the ceiling.

Sloped Ceiling Design

Unique Ceiling Design

If your home has a lower height, it is best to adjust the ceiling to follow the contour of the roof. It will give your interiors new life. This sloping design follows the roofline and it works perfectly for homes whose roofs have steep pitches. The beauty of it is that it does not require any regulations to make adjustments and the degree of the slope is entirely at your discretion.

You might have to sacrifice an attic to achieve this design, but on the plus side, you can easily incorporate sky lights. The color of the roof should complement the rest of the room, as in this house where the exposed brick add some charm to the otherwise narrow space. The sloped roof design can be applied to all rooms in the house.

Vaulted Ceiling

unique ceiling design

A unique ceiling design that follows this design principle is the vaulted style, more specifically barrel vaulted ceiling in a concave manner. It also takes advantage of the space beneath the roof by extending upwards. It’s a divisive design choice but there is no discounting its aesthetic appeal when thoughtfully executed. They can be used as space defining elements, as in this case, or can simply be used to make a space fell more airy and grandiose.

Exposed Beam Ceiling

Unique Ceiling Design

If you have high ceilings on the other hand, a whole new world of decorative options open up. One that has endured the test of time and is more popular than ever is exposed beams. These trusses add charm and elegance to a room, and seamlessly integrate into the décor regardless of whether it’s rustic or contemporary. The beams can be painted, but they remain most appealing when their wooden finish is not obscured. This design needs to be incorporated into the construction plan because remodeling a home to expose the trusses does not always yield the desired aesthetics.

Unique Ceiling Design

A similar way to achieve the same effect is by installing large beams underneath your existing ceiling level. The number of beams and their spacing is up to your design tastes, but the larger and more closely spaced they are the more dramatic the effect. They can be painted white for morechic appeal, but they are most stunning as is.

Imposing Coffered Ceiling

Unique Ceiling Design

Coffered ceilings don’t have to be boring or predictable. Going for the large deep coffer design adds an artistic appeal to a room, while maintaining functionality through acoustic dampening. The application in this room is especially laudable as it not only gives the living area a personality of its own, but also defines it altogether. This makes the open plan design very functional as the ceiling choices help define the kitchen and dining areas. The use of white might be overwhelming, but it is nicely contrasted with the wooden floors and scattered plants that give warmth to the expansive space.

Inverted Ceiling

Unique Ceiling Design

A tray ceiling is close to the coffered ceiling type, but has one giant recess instead of multiple. Also known as an inverted or recessed ceiling, this design is used to increase the spaciousness of a room, as well as adding a striking visual element to the roof. The depth of the recess, as well as its shape depends on the contours of the room, the space allowance as well as the décor tastes of the homeowner. It is a functional option as its borders can be used to conceal plumbing and wiring should a wall-in option not be feasible for the same. This kind of roof can easily be retrofitted, and can be made as simple or as ornate and futuristic as desired. It also offers a variety of playful choices with lighting.

Stretch Ceiling Design

Unique Ceiling Design

Some of the most unusual ceiling ideas are brought to life with stretch ceilings. It is unarguably the easiest way to give new life to your ceilings as it does not involve a lot of intrusive work to your existing structural elements. The finish can be glossy if you wish for a reflective surface that creates the illusion of more space, or can be matte for a more subdued look. For a softer finish, there is also the satin option. Stretch ceilings have the largest palette of color options. They are also the most imaginative, and can be installed in prints, patterns or artworks to match every individual room.

Artistic Ceiling

Unique Ceiling Design

Finally, for the artistic types there is the option of having an artistic ceiling. It takes a lot more precision work, but it is not as expensive as other options on this list. The neoclassical inspirations of this small ceiling is undeniable, and it has a contemporary appeal despite its ancient origins. The central lighting fixture is unobtrusive, and allows the beauty of the design to be fully appreciated.

Interior décor should be deemed incomplete if it does not pay due attention to the ceiling. A unique ceiling design is one of the easiest ways to give each room of the house an individual persona. Seeing how there is a plethora of design options, there is no reason why your home should have a dull concrete ceiling or a plain one with white gypsum panels.

Erin Emanuel