How Does Your Garden Grow? Unique Garden Designs of this Year

People who have never before thought spending time in a garden would be the highlight of their day are discovering the joys a garden brings. Gardens can be designed as a place for rest and relaxation and much more. There are numerous garden design ideas that can inspire you and make your home much more enjoyable. Those mentioned below can serve as inspiration for your imagination.


The Secret Garden

Secret Garden Design

Creating privacy in your garden area, makes it a more relaxing and serene place. Hedges and shrubs can be used to create a living wall to enclose your garden. You can design a stone pathway that leads to an impressive gate which opens into the garden space. Once inside, you and those who visit there can find an array of flowers and ornamental grasses. You’ll want to add some seating in your garden so you can linger there and absorb the tranquility that fills the air in your secret garden.

A Serenity Garden

Serenity Garden Design

A serenity or meditation garden is a place you can retreat to for stress relief and mental, emotional, and physical renewal. This garden should include items that appeal to your senses. Aromatic flowers are great for a serenity garden. Textured plants are also a nice addition. The sound of running water greatly increases the peace of mind you’ll feel in your garden. Your options for adding water features range from tiered birdbath fountains, to the addition of a Kona land and water Escapes waterfall or small pond.

A Bountiful Garden

Bountiful Garden Design

Multi-purpose gardens have become quite popular. Combining flowers and vegetable plants provides you with a beautiful area to rest and relax as well as a place to gather fresh vegetables and herbs to delight your palate. A multipurpose garden is an excellent family project that everyone can participate in. Numerous plants and vegetables can be grown in containers, which is perfect if you have a big yard, but little gardening space.

A Vintage Garden

Vintage Garden Design

There’s an aura within a vintage garden that can’t be achieved in any other type garden. Wrought iron furniture, a cottage garden flower collection, a habitat for birds and butterflies, and some unique vintage garden art combine to create a garden you will long to linger in. Make it seem old fashioned with creeping vines and decorative patio furniture.

The garden design that you choose should be one that appeals to your personal design preference. The basic garden design features such as plants, shrubs, flowers, furniture, and water features are available in such diverse designs and varieties that you should easily find exactly what you need to create your ideal garden design.

Erin Emanuel