Are Universal Replacement Parts As Good As OEM Parts for HVAC Repairs?

If you go through any HVAC industry publications, you can see lots of ads from companies that offer universal replacement parts. By universal parts we mean those parts that fit several models and brands of cooling and heating systems. In other words they are alternative for original spare parts. Sometimes these parts are also called aftermarket parts. Usually in order to make them suitable for several types of machines, manufacturers of these aftermarket parts make them with settings and mounting hardware which cover an extensive range of applications. Generally, HVAC systems break down in extreme cold or hot season, homeowners want them to be fixed as soon as possible and replacements, if any, has to be conducted very swiftly. But in this haste one mustn’t make a bad decision about replacement parts.

You can get many write-ups about it on the internet that the brands of New HVAC spare parts are exceeding the factories manufacturing them. It simply implies that all these spare parts are almost same or similar. You just name a part and you will be offered with lots of choices. Some of the most required spare parts of HVAC systems are compressors, coils, condensers, fans, blowers and much more. All these reasons make the concept of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) less distinguished in HVAC industry when compared to other industries.

When we see it from HVAC repair professionals’ view point, universal parts are beneficial to them in several ways. The best thing is that they would have to invest less on the stock as just a few parts will be suitable for most of the brands and models of heating and cooling systems. It will also save them from having a lot of space to be kept as a warehouse. It saves their time as well because they don’t have to wait for the right parts while repairing the systems as universal parts offer them the convenience of matching into all types of systems. Moreover, they can make more profits as these parts are less expensive than original ones. As a result the customers also have to bear lesser costs which again go in the favor of professionals.

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When it comes to homeowners, they have to consider following points before deciding which parts to be used while repairs of their systems.

  • Availability

This discussion is absolutely useless if you face any difficulties in getting OEM parts in and around your area. Sometimes companies cease or limit the production of certain types of spare parts and customers have to encounter lots of troubles in finding them. Even sometimes it becomes next to impossible for them to get the original spare parts. In such situations the only option left to them is to buy universal spares.

  • Cost

Cost always remains one of the most crucial factors in such decisions. Why would a person go for universal parts instead of original ones if both are available at the same cost? There must be some cost benefits involved so that the customers feel like opting for universal parts. Generally these universal parts are way cheaper than the original ones and that’s the reason they have become a common choice of lots of consumers across the world.

  • Performance

Obviously, homeowners would be interested in only those spare parts which offer flawless performance. They should work without causing any troubles and their lifespan should also be very good. Consumers don’t want to face a situation where they have to go for the replacement of same part again and again. So the universal spare parts must be durable.

  • Warranty

The biggest reason people want to stick to OEM parts is the warranty that comes along. So the manufacturers of universal parts have also started to issue written warranties with their products. But still there are some manufacturers who are doing it without warranties. So consumers have to pay attention that they buy only those products which come with warranties.

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  1. I have never considered the difference between oem and replacement parts. I am not sure what type of parts I have purchased in the past. I think I am definitely going to pay attention more. But this article was super helpful.

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