Upgrade Your Bedroom’s Style by Choosing the Right Bedroom Sets: 6 Design Tips to Consider

Curious about how to decorate and furnish your bedroom for 2022 and beyond?

Bedroom Sets

Finding the right furniture for the rest of your home can be tough enough, but when it comes to styling your bedroom, you might have an even harder task on your hands. The good news? If you buy bedroom setson 1StopBedroomsitcan make things a million times easier.

The perfect bedroom set will make your room more inviting and can help you craft the exact environment you’ve been trying so hard to cultivate.

Step outside of your comfort zone – and consider these awesome ways to style your bedroom set so that it adds interest and beauty to the rest of the room.


Style Up With a Bedroom Set: 4 Design Tips to Consider

Want to upgrade your bedroom in an instant? Here are some tips for styling your next bedroom set.

1. Go Luxe

You might not live in a hotel, but is there anything more relaxing and luxurious than a full night’s sleep in a hotel room bed? We think not!

Upgrade the appeal of your bedroom by outfitting your bedroom with a sharp white bedroom set with matching white sheets and furniture. Make everything sharp and clean, right down to the throw pillows!  It’s an easy, affordable way to upgrade your look and feel!

2. Choose Deeper Hues

A great way to add visual appeal to your bedroom is to choose moody hues. The bedroom is one of the few areas of the home where you can get away with darker colors – the whole point of this room is to sleep, so there’s nothing wrong with choosing darker or deeper shades. Don’t be afraid of darker wood or paint.

3. Embrace Storage

When you’re looking for a bedroom set, you’ve probably already given features like nightstands and dressers some thought.

Why not save space by embracing additional storage features?  Consider investing in a bed with built-in storage underneath (or in the headboard) to help you maximize the limited amount of space you have available?

This can help reduce clutter in the bedroom while also giving you more floor space. From beds with fold-down storage features to those with built-in drawers, there are lots of ways to make a lot of storage space out of very little room.

4. Select a Complete Set

Finally, while you might be tempted to save money by choosing piecemeal solutions, try to avoid this. Rather than buying a bed frame from “X Store”, a mattress from “Y Store,” and a nightstand from “Z Store,” choose a bedroom set that checks off all the boxes.

Although buying pieces individually can occasionally be easier on the wallet, it’s going to lead to decor that’s far less uniform. Opt for a bedroom set instead for extra comfort, and not only will you save time by not having to shop around, but you can also make sure everything matches well.

5. Create A Color Contrast

The bedroom set you buy does not have to be monochromatic. You can always opt for different colors so that you can create a warmer design scheme. Do not stop with your walls when it comes to creating color in your bedroom. You can easily choose bedroom furniture as you create color contrasts with wallpaper or wall paint. For instance, you can choose white furniture in your bedroom when you have brown wallpaper. This instantly makes the furniture stand out and pop while giving a lighter overall feel.

You can also go for muted colors (thin whites and beiges) in your bedroom to get a paired look. With the use of neutrals, you can tone down your large furniture pieces and then make one smaller decorative piece, like an ottoman, stand out, all while achieving a minimalistic look.

6. Don’t Be Afraid Of Raised Furniture In Smaller Bedrooms

Maximizing storage is definitely something you see as a priority when the bedroom is small. This is tempting but remember that even a little free space can change how the entire room feels like. When short for space, go with height. You can use a bedroom set with a raised bed. This makes the room feel more open and airier. An alternative would be to add some legs to the bed frame you have if you need to create the illusion you have more space. All of this is because when you see more floor, you trick the eye to feel the room is more spacious.

Choosing the Right Bedroom Set

Whether you’re styling a nursery, teenager’s bedroom, or your own master suite, it can be tough to find the right bedroom set. After all, there are fewer pieces that can complement and transform a living space quite like the right furniture!

You spend up to a third (or more!) of your day in bed. Make sure you choose the right bedroom set so you can sleep soundly!

Erin Emanuel