Effective Vacuum Care and Maintenance Ideas

Every product comes with a users’ manual which explains the structure and function of the particular product. It also gives instruction to users on how to use it. A vacuum cleaner needs to be regularly inspected, operated properly avoiding costly repairs. Let us check some guidelines to inspect a vacuum cleaner.


Vacuum cord

It is advisable to keep the cord untangled in order to avoid breaking of wrapped wires. Kinks in the cord should also be prevented, else it will damage wires. The condition of the electric plug has to be checked regularly. Do not pull or stretch the cord to unplug the cord. A bent or broken plug is extremely dangerous.

Vacuum replacement bags

Do check if your vacuum is equipped with a ‘full bag’ indicator light. Keep checking it often and replace it when necessary. Replacing bags before they are full improves air flow and the performance of the vacuum. Keep replacement bags with you and use proper bags for your vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum filters

Filters of the suggested type must be used as recommended by the manufacturer. Clogged filters affect the air flow and the performance of the vacuum cleaner. If the filters are washable, wash them, let them dry properly and then use. Filters can be cleaned using another vacuum. Filters should be used according to the type of the product and they should be changed as and when needed.

vacuum cleaner filters

Vacuum brushes

The condition of the brush needs to be regularly checked. Debris, threads, wood chips, lint etc. which hinder the air flow need to be removed. Food residue and other sticky substances cause odor and prevent the free movement of brush bristles. They have to be removed immediately. Brushes in the power bar or nozzle have to be free from debris.

Vacuum power head or nozzle attachment

The power bar needs to be free from debris in order to give the best performance. Debris, strings or other items may get tangled in the brush rollers and can hinder the operation of the vacuum cleaner.

vacuum nozzle attachment


Vacuum wheels

Wheels should be maintained clean in order to ensure free wheel movement. Restricted wheel movement could scratch hard surfaces such as wood flooring.

Vacuum Hose

Cracks in hose can cause air leak. Hose should be maintained with a tight seal for the vacuum to work well. Do not hang the hose on a nail because it can cause kinks or breaks in the plastic outer lining. The interior of the hose also should be clean.

Bagless vacuum features

These vacuums have separators that enable the dirt to transfer into the dust bin. Routine checks are needed for debris in this kind of vacuum cleaners.

bagless vacuum cleaner

Vacuum exterior and attachments

Exterior of the vacuum should be wiped and kept clean. Vacuum attachments must be stored well in order to avoid a loss of accessories.

Motor performance

Burning smell or loud noise from the motor needs to be taken care of immediately. Prompt attention saves the motor. For cleaning tasks specially designed cleaning tools should be used. Before the warranty period ends required repair or servicing should be done.

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