Why Vinyl Plank Flooring is getting Popular?

I would like to answer the question which I frequently hear when people are discussing flooring and home improvement options and that is- Why vinyl plank flooring is getting popular? I would like to answer this question with two more questions- How many of us are fond of wood plank flooring? How many of us can afford it? I believe many of us have considered using original wood plank flooring when deciding on the type of floor to be installed in our apartments. However, only a lucky few have the moolah to afford it. Even tough it is costly, if you have the funds, time and manpower to install it; nothing looks as ravishing as it does. No modern floor concepts can match up to the rich look that the warm brown colour of wood offers.

Vinyl FlooringToday we have an alternative for everything. Modern technique and concepts are so advanced that a tight budget cannot stop you from getting that dream look for your dream house. If you cannot afford wood plank floors, you can always opt for its cheaper version, the vinyl plank flooring. I don’t want you to believe that vinyl planks are an exact replica of wooden floors but it is of course an imitation of the original. It is a better option for people who desperately want that warm wooden look for their homes. Upon installation, it gives a similar look and feel as that of a wooden floor and it is not hard on your pockets. Moreover, installing vinyl plank flooring is not at all difficult and if you feel that you have the time to install it yourself and want to save a few bucks by not hiring someone for the job, this is an apt choice for you. On the other hand, wood plank floors are not only costly, they are very difficult to install and it is always better to hire a skilled worker for the job.

Vinyl planks are also available in different textures and finishes. It comes in various shades which looks similar to the different colours of wood floors. An added advantage of vinyl planks is that it is easy to maintain. Unlike wooden floors which are hard to be maintained, vinyl planks are completely waterproof. It doesn’t need to be waxed and can be easily cleaned with cleaning solutions available in the market. It is ideal for kitchens and dining rooms and also has a long life.

With half the price of wooden floors, zero maintenance cost and low installation charges, it makes an ideal flooring option. If you are interested in installing your floor yourself, the best way to start would be to do some research on the internet about the type of vinyl planks that you want to go for. Looking for a good dealer is equally important because the quality of the product would depend on that. You can search for dealers in your locality and contact them. You can then make your selection by comparing the price offered by the dealers and the quality of the product. When searching the net, don’t forget to mention the name of the city you are residing in. For example, for Florida, you can search with flooring made easy Florida to get all the flooring ideas which is popular in your city.

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