Pick a Wall Paint for Every Mood

wall paint for every mood

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You will hear it from anybody in the paint shop: the most practical color is the perfect color. For instance, everybody agrees beige walls are really easy to maintain, and when you color them white, you may feel like in an infinite space. But sometimes, it just doesn’t feel right. Sometimes you’ll want to try something a bit more… Well, crazy.

If you can relate to this and if you find practical things boring, you have come to the right place! Because when it comes to your own home, you gotta give your crazy a chance. After all, if you keep your living space fresh, it just might inspire you in some unexpected ways.

Choose Wisely!

But first you`ll have to keep some things in mind. Not everything can come up as you planned. Lively colors are tricky when it comes to actual painting and mistakes are very easy to spot. You will also have to keep in mind whether the wall color will match your other wall decorations, or the colors of your furniture. Therefore you are already somewhat limited by other interior elements already present. It is also worth mentioning that the color range of house painting colors is not limitless and you might have to except the fact that you will never find the exact right shade of orange. And finally, you really should choose the colors you actually like, not the ones that look good in magazine. Follow your instinct, not trends.

As a matter of fact, that idea is the core of one amazing branch of alternative medicine called chromotherapy (also known as color therapy). This method is based on assumption that every color and light has its own energy level, and that balance between those energies can reduce pain, weather it is physical, emotional or even spiritual pain one is dealing with. Each of these colors broadcasts different vibrations to person`s body and that way they affect that person`s mood. Since you will undoubtedly spend a lot of time in your home, it would be wise to fill it up with pleasant colors that have a positive effect on you.

Room Colors and Their Effects

If you want to know if your favorite color is a perfect fit for the place you live in, we sure have some surprising answers for you.

Both purple and indigo blue have positive effects on body and soul. But, while purple acts like a psychotherapist, blue color is focused on intuition. Therefore, both colors are a good choice for a bedroom, and dark blue makes the perfect fit for a study room because it can boost your concentration.

Blue is also the color of communication (as well as turquoise), so keep it out of the rooms in which you are usually physically active.

Color green is doing wonders for our spiritual and emotional health, especially in deeper tones.
Orange, lilac and pink are, in fact, friendly colors. They can literally boost your social life. Basically, a party in a pink room cannot fail!

If you’re worried about your love life, stick to the basics. All reddish colors will get you in the right mood (but be sure not to watch The Notebook first!) and besides that, pure red has one amazing secret power: it can boost your appetite. Also, remember that you can drastically change the mood of the room through a bit of creative use of home lighting.

At last (but not the least) there is a black color, much nicer companion in life than people think. Actually, black can make you take your life more seriously and even upgrade your self- esteem.

Now that you know how the colors of your living space affect your mood, you can get right down to redecorating. Keep in mind that painting can be a tricky business, especially if you want to get all the little details right. If you don’t have much experience with paint works, it would be wise to hire a professional painting service to turn your vision into reality.

Erin Emanuel