Hacks for Wardrobe Storing

With the accompanying of wardrobe, we have our life section from morning to evening, from spring to winter. Wardrobe is the necessity for every family. Reasonable designed wardrobe with smart storage ideas can help us have organized life; people do not need to worry about there is no enough space for storing clothes and cannot find clothes when need. This is especially important for modern busy people.

Firstly, I will introduce the function and usage of wardrobe.

  1. District for hanging clothes: this district is used to hang ironed clothes, clothes that are easy to crease, suit, coat, long skirt, and dress and so on. It can prevent the clothes from crease and keep it in good state. Usually oval shaped hanging district has good bearing capacity.
  2. Shelf: it is used to place folded clothes, off-season clothes and bedding, storage box and so on. The shelf is adjustable on height. You can adjust according to your habit and season.
  3. Drawer: drawer can be used to store valuable items, certificate, dairy and photo album etc. You can install lock to increase the security level. Underwear and folded clothes can also be stored in it.
  4. Lattice shelf: tie, wristband, belt, brooch, glasses, necklace, jewelry can be stored separately in it. It is convenient to find the item you need.
  5. Trouser rack: there are drawer type and revolve type. The main function is to store trousers that need to be hanging up. A trouser rack can store 15 to 25 trousers.
  6. Drawer basket: there are bamboo, rattan and metal drawer basket. It is often used to store thin beddings, such as coverlet, pillow cover, blanket and so on.
  7.  Tie bar: it is used to store tie for man. It is good to maintain the shape of tie and convenient to find out the one you want.
  8.  Hook: it is usually install on the sideboard of wardrobe for store little items.
  9.  Storage box: it is used to store odds and ends. Labeling them can be time saving and energy saving when looking for them.

Secondly, classify the item that need to store in wardrobe. Use proper storage tool to divide the space and store reasonably. At the same time, have effective solution according to the practical situation to make full use of space.


Storage idea for hanging district

Overcoat: compared with the light and short clothes in summer, overcoat of winter is heavy and long. You may find the wardrobe is crowded after hanging several pieces of overcoat. It is really bothering on how to store more clothes. Then we need to learn hanging the overcoat with other clothes. For example, hanging matched overcoat and sweater or skirt together not only can save space, but also can save time on finding the matched clothes. But the clothes rail should be firm enough to bear weight. We also can hang clothes of man and woman separately. It makes the wardrobe more clear and easy to find each other’s clothes. Suit should be covered with high quality suit storage bag. The function of suit storage bag is to dust proof, moisture proof and mould proof for suit, to keep the suit flat. If there are many suit trousers, trouser rack can make the partition in closet clearer.

clothes wardrobe storage

Storage idea for belt

Most people used to hang belt on hook or clothes rack. It is easy to cause the drop of other belt when taking. Why not try this method: roll up the belt and fasten it with rubber band, store them into lattice shelf. It can prevent the abrasion of metal button and is clear when taking belt.

Storage idea for bedding

Coverlet, pillow cover and blanket can be stored in drawer basket. You will find it is convenient both for storing and taking. Basketry design can provide good ventilation for the bedding, which can prevent it go mouldy. People may have the experience of messing up the organized clothes on the higher position of wardrobe when taking. The solution is place folded clothes in storage box and label tag on them. You must take the storage box off when you need to take clothes. Besides, placing item with low usage rate on the higher position of wardrobe is also a good way.

Storage idea for shoe

The storage of shoes often makes us go crazy. The most common place for storing shoe is wardrobe, space under bed and behind door. In fact, we can store all our shoes in an open space. Arrange similar shoes in the same row: high-heeled shoes, sports shoes, sandal. If store boots overlapping with other shoes, the boot leg cannot be placed in straight, it is easy to have fold on it, what is worse, it may be damaged. So when storing boot, the boot leg should be supported to maintain its shape; specialized shoe shelf should be used for it. Or it should be lain in drawer. Besides, package the off-season shoes and store them in the drawer or the upper side of wardrobe. Remember to clean the shoe surface and sole before store them for preventing the generation of bacteria. Mothball and desiccant should be stored together shoe. They can protect the shoe from beating by worm and moisture.

wardrobe shoe storage

For the storage of wardrobe, clear thinking and reasonable classification is the key for it. There would be new clothes now and then, except store them reasonably, learn to have subtraction in clothes number is also necessary. Sort out the off-season clothes and clothes that you do not wear any more often can relief your wardrobe and keep it in order. Donate or give away the clothes you do not wear in long time can save much space in wardrobe. Let’s say goodbye to cluttered life and enjoy relaxed and convenient life from now. Custom-made wardrobe is popular for customer can decide the style, size and colour of it, you may need some notes on how to custom-made wardrobe. Hope it can help you.

Erin Emanuel

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  1. This is awesome, I love the metal shelving with separate areas designated for different parts of your wardrobe. I’ll have to save this for later, I could definitely improve the storage in my closet.

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