Warning signs of foundation problems

The foundation of your home is its most important part, so problems that arise here need to be addressed immediately. A good building has a strong foundation, but even the best things mess up sometimes.

The failure of the foundation is a dangerous and extremely expensive problem to solve. That is why it is advisable to fix the problems as soon as they crop up so that the problem does not escalate at all.

There are many telling signs of foundation damage, but they are so small that they often go unnoticed.

This post will tell you all there is to know about foundation damage, its manifestations and the way you can deal with the damage.

How do you know whether the foundation of your home is damaged or not?

If a door in the house begins malfunctioning, cracks start appearing in the walls and floors of your house, and if the windows do not open and close properly.

There are certain ways in which you can identify these problems. Read on to know more:

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    Crooked Walls

If your house is old, then there is a chance that your foundation has shifted because of the expansion and contraction of the soil around your house. You can check whether the walls of your house are straight or leaning with the help of a level.  Curves signify shifts in the foundation on blocks of the foundation, or in the concrete of the walls.

  • Excessive Moisture

Proper drainage is crucial to maintaining a solid foundation. While improper drainage can cause foundation damage, it can also point towards damage that has already happened. If you spot some leaks in and around the house, or if you find that the soil around your house is exceptionally wet or dry, then there is a chance that the foundation of your building is weak.

  • Drooping Ceilings

Problems at the base of the house can also manifest themselves in the ceiling and floors. If your floors are sloping slightly, or if there are indentations on the ceiling, then the issue may be a foundation related one.

  • Cracked Walls

Now, this is a telltale sign of foundation damage. Check the interior and exterior walls for cracks and fissures regularly. Sometimes, the walls even start crumbling if not paid proper attention to, so you should get them checked as soon as possible.

  • Poor Fitting Of Doors And Windows

This is another common sign of foundation damage. The doors and windows of your home will not fit in their frames and will lash open at any time.

So, now you know how to spot the signs of foundation damage. The next question you should be asking is – what should you do about it?

Well, the best thing you could do is call a reliable foundation repair agency as soon as you detect any sign of such damage. Luckily, you will not have to look far.

Granite Foundation Repair, Inc is a well known and trustworthy company that works tirelessly to secure the foundation of your home and make sure that it remains in its best shape.

They realize that a healthy foundation is a key to a safe home, which is why they leave no stone unturned to do all that is necessary to to fix your foundation damage.

Erin Emanuel