Water Damage Restoration Services – What to Do If You Don’t Have Flood Insurance

Water damage restoration services can cost hundreds (even thousands) of dollars. The process might be less traumatic if the expenses are covered by your insurance company. It is important to note that in such cases the cause of the water damage plays an important role in whether or not you can claim reimbursement for the repairs.

Water Damage

A general homeowners’  or business owners’ insurance, for instance, does not cover flood water damage. Since floods can occur at any time and can cause serious damage it is recommended that  property owners should have flood insurance.

Filing Water Damage Insurance Claims If You Don’t Have Flood Insurance 

If you don’t have flood insurance, there is no point filing claims for flood water damage restoration services. As explained earlier, the circumstances that resulted in the water damage play an important role in successful claims.

How do insurance companies process water damage restoration claims?

  • Pipe burst (from clogging or freezing) may be considered a maintenance issue
  • Water leaks from your pool that flood your basement may be covered
  • Water damage from your washing machine or dishwasher overflowing may once again be termed as a maintenance issue unless you can prove accidental damage i.e. it broke suddenly
  • Sewer backups are generally not covered by standard policies, there is a special provision and cost for sewers and drains

Go through your insurance policy closely to determine what’s covered and what’s not. Some insurance policies (including flood insurance) have a deductible which means that you are required to pay a specified percentage of the repair expenses.

When faced with floods, leaks or sewer backups whether or not you have right insurance will not change the fact that you need water damage restoration services.  The longer you wait the worse the destruction will get and there is also the potential risk of mold growth.

Call an insurance-approved water damage restoration service as soon as possible. They can help you determine whether or not you can claim reimbursement as well as ensure good quality of work.

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  1. Further, you can only claim the amount for the residual life of the building and equipment damaged after deducting the depreciation. You may expeditiously inform the tenant of the damage, make the repairs and deduct the bill from the security deposit of the tenant.

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