Water Jetting – The Best Way to Spring Cleaning Your Drains

It’s spring in the UK! The time of the year, when we open the windows again and let the sunshine, come into the house. In the UK, most of the households consider spring as a home cleaning month too! The homeowners gear up to take out the dust, re-arrange their closets, clean every possible corner of their homes not usually covered as a part of regular cleaning.

However, what remains most overlooked is the drains in the spring cleaning agendas of most of the households. The drains may not be in the line of your sight, but, like other parts of your home such as floors, countertop, furniture, etc., they also need to be cleaned from inside out.


In the absence of regular drain cleaning, you are likely to witness blocked drain scenarios when you least anticipate it. Particularly, if you have hosted many dinners and parties during the winter season then the additional cooking and cleaning can clog your drains too.

Items like food waste, cooking oil and hair first stick around the inner diameter of the drains and the build-up grows in size occupying the whole diameter of the drainage pipe over time. In such scenario, water will stop running through a pipe causing localized flooding or any many other drainage problems.

If you don’t want the clogs to build-up further inside the drain, incorporate drain cleaning into your spring cleaning agenda. This will help you prevent major drainage problems and clear away any blockage they may exist inside the drains.

High Pressure Water Jetting to Fix Any Stubborn Blockage in Your Drains

To clean your drains thoroughly, high pressure water jetting, also known as hydro-jetting and water jetting, is the most effective and efficient drainage technique available out there. Without further ado, let’s dig into some key reasons or benefits for adapting to water jetting Kent over other drain cleaning alternatives.

Takes least possible time – Some of the best water jetting specialists in your town are just a call away. If this is first time you have witnessed any drain blockage, you may restored to the web to search a professional drain jetting company local to your area. They come well-armed with the latest hydro-jetting equipment in their van and ensure first-time quality results in the minimal time possible.

Versatile drainage cleaning solution – Whether the clog inside your drain is small or large and stubborn, high pressure water jetting Kent can clear it easily and quickly. In addition to drain unblocking, water jetting is also used for other applications such as cutting and surface preparation. Moreover, this technique is suitable for any type of drainage configuration in the UK.

No excavation – Drain jetting excavation free drain cleaning solution. Water is shot into the drain at an extremely high pressure, set by a drainage engineer during the operation, and high speed clearing any build-up into the pipe and washing it thoroughly.

Ensures most effective outcome – Indisputably drain jetting is the most efficient drain unblocking solution in the market today. Drainage experts recommend homeowners to wash their drains thoroughly at least twice in a year using water jetting service. This not only lower the chances of major drain blockages but also restore your drains to the optimal efficiency again.

Uses green technology – In hydro-jetting technique of drain cleaning, only pure water is used to take out any build-up that may exist inside the pipe. And this water can be resourced using closed loop circuit by the experts. Moreover, this technique doesn’t involve excavation of the ground surrounding the drainage pipe. In short, drain jetting is a greener way of cleaning your drains!



Erin Emanuel


  1. Thanks for the tips! After reading this information, I can see how high pressure water jetting could be the solution to fixing the stubborn blockage in my drains. I’ve tried cleaning solutions for years until I was told that the harsh chemicals they use harm my plumbing. Having my drains washed using hydro-jetting techniques seems like a better solution to my drain problems so that I can finally have them resolved.

  2. Hi Erin Emanuel,
    Thank you so much for another tip. I like it, please keep on posting.

  3. Thanks for your tips… I like your hydro- jetting cleaning technique because this seems like a better solution for drain problems.

  4. Thank you for the help. I have a drain that has slowly been backing up more and more. I have tried a few ways to clean it, but had not realized that water jetting is so effective. I like that it is a quick solution, as you mentioned. How long does it usually take to have a plumber come clean a drain with a water jet?

  5. I am facing many drain cleaning issues of my kitchen daily but your post is informative for me. Thanks for sharing this info.

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