5 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Visually Appealing


Embracing the Beauty of Nature

First, we eat with our eyes. However, a perfectly plated panzanella will never meet the gaze of a person who was instantly turned off by a bland or dirty structure. Want to inspire more customers to sit down and stay awhile? Here are five tips that will add plenty of appeal to your restaurant.

  1. A deep clean.

Honestly, we become blind to messes that we see every day. We also become “nose blind” to odors that we’re frequently exposed to. Spend a day or two visiting other restaurants, and then come back to your own. Are there stains on the floor? Grease spots on the wall? Sticky chairs?

Post a notice two weeks in advance that you will be closed for cleaning. Shampoo carpets, steam clean everything, and  power wash the exterior. The difference will amaze you.

Wood deck restoration

  1. Ambient lighting.

Do you have banks of harsh fluorescent lighting illuminating everything? If so, it’s no wonder people don’t want to have a seat. Identify the atmosphere you want to create, and formulate your lighting concept accordingly.

If you want to be perceived as upscale or romantic, your lighting should become more subtle as the sun goes down. Restaurants focusing on fresh, organic fare want to mimic natural lighting the best they can, while family-friendly establishments want bright lights.

  1. The emotion of color.

Can colors make us hungry? Maybe not exactly, but they do influence whether or not we want to sit down and eat somewhere. Reds, oranges, and yellows seem to work for casual to midscale dining, while earthier tones set the stage for fine dining.

If you go for yellow, don’t make it too bright – that’s considered unappetizing. Joining bright yellow in the “no thanks” category are shades of purple, and believe it or not, blues. It’s calming elsewhere, but doesn’t make us think of food.

  1. Elements of life.

A study conducted at Texas State University found that people in offices get a bigger morale boost from plants than they do windows. The findings join many other bodies of research that confirm people view environments with greenery much more favorably.

This is why many establishments are adding green walls by Sagegreenlife to their restaurants. Whether installed on the interior or exterior, the idea of landscaping – even when you can only do so vertically – makes your place seem much more well-appointed and fresh than others.

  1. Make people want to whip out their phones.

Have your customers advertise on social media for you by inspiring them to snap a photo. This could be done with a particularly spectacular-looking dessert or cocktail that your restaurant makes its signature.

Establishments that add high-quality murals to the outside of their buildings become a prime location for people to stop and pose for a photo. Every time someone posts, it’s free advertising.

Great food and experienced staff are just part of what it takes. You can double your customer base by paying closer attention to the look and feel of your restaurant. The right mood via color and lighting, as well as cleanliness, interest, and plant life are all it takes.

Erin Emanuel

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