6 Ways to Style up a Man Cave

Every real man, no matter how old or young, needs to have his own space where he can get away from the world, lie down, relax, grab a beer or two and watch the game. If this sounds familiar and you find yourself in urgent need of a space like this, you are certainly at the right place. Here we will provide you some tips on how to style up your secret haven and what should a man cave actually consist of. So these are 6 ways on how to create a place just for yourself.

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A good way to start is by choosing a theme for your man cave. This is not obligatory, it is completely optional, but many men like to have some specific theme or detail that will imprint the whole room. This should be something that reflects you as a person, something that you enjoy and love. The styles can, of course, vary, depending of your affinities. It could be anything from a sports room, through a western look, up to simple vintage log cabin.

If you regularly enjoy a rousing game of poker, designing your man cave as a poker room. Equip it with classic card table and a full set of authentic poker chips, and emerge yourself in the game. Another interesting and common theme is a gamer man cave. This theme is an ideal for the man who is old enough to have his own man cave, but not old enough to outgrow his love of playing video games. Comfy couch or chairs, big screen and a gaming console are the essentials that can be accompanied by a good selection of snacks and plenty of beer in the cooler, and you are ready to finish that level in comfort and style. If all of these themes so far are too much for you, and you are more of a classic guy who likes to be surrounded by books, be sure to bring some shelves in your man cave and stack them with books, mostly hard covered classics, then elegant wood floors, plush armchairs, etc.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a place like this is for it to be as comfortable as it can. After all, this should be a place where you can relax and enjoy yourself, alone or with your buddies. This means, not only picking out the right furniture, but creating an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere according to your liking. Keep in mind that a good HVAC system is one of the crucial things for providing comfort in any room. All the rest are just details that will make your room more authentic.


Men are mostly known for their functional and practical sides. This is exactly why their man cave should not be any different. It is really important to be wise when it comes to using the space you have. Make sure that all the elements you choose to place in your room are perfectly positioned. Although the purpose of the room is entertainment and relaxation, it should also be useful and practical.

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Walls and Floors

When it comes to choosing the layout of walls and floors, there are only a few things that should be considered. Firstly, the style and design you will choose depends solely on your personal affinities. There is a myth that men caves should be dark and dim. This is not a general rule, as your space should reflect your needs and wishes. Another thing that you should consider is installing insulation in your walls and even sound-proofing them.


Every men cave should have some basic furniture items. Of course, there is no written rule that you cannot refurbish your room according to your liking, but there are certain things that should always find a place in your space. A comfortable sofa and a couple of armchairs are a must have. A table and a couple of shelves, depending on the amount of stuff you plan to place there. And, of course, no man cave is complete without a full-functioning bar.


One of the most important things for a man cave is, of course, the entertainment. Fortunately, the choices are diverse. Will you add a pool table or perhaps a foosball one? Or will you consider putting up a dart board. Nevertheless, the Universal Home Theater is something that every man cave should have. A console with all your favorite games is another thing that should find a place in your room.

A man cave does not necessarily need to be masculine, dark and mysterious. It should be a place that will reflect yourself and your wishes and needs. Use these couple of tips to create your own safe haven where you can finally be you.

Erin Emanuel