Ways to bring natural light into your home

Where there is light, there is life. Literally, most things require life for the purpose of cellular performance and you are no different. More than this though. Light brings an ambiance to a space that allows for clarity and creativity. Your home is a space that should lend to promoting these characteristics to inspire you and to give you a sense of space and freshness.

However environments are not always that easy to introduce light into and especially when the architecture has already been designed and decided for. However aesthetics can be an alternative than to breaking through walls to introduce light.


Easy and affordable

The easiest ways to make a home feel lighter is to bring in colors that don’t limit the space. Soft light hues of shade and paints make the biggest difference to any size of space. Automatically there a feeling of space and a lightness that is not absorbed as is the case with dark colors.  Cushions, linen throws, carpets and lightshades all need to echo this sentiment to make a home be invariable light biased.

Fittings and fixtures

Windows that welcome in light should certainly not be shaded with heavy dressings and curtains. Light fabrics in texture and color are most inviting and try keep the windows undrawn and uncovered at most best times.  If safe from a peeking eye, then all times is good for a home’s atmosphere. Light fittings can be copper shaded or low drop “white light” bulbs and deliberately chosen to lend to the lighting needs of the room. A simple enquiry from a lighting specialist can assist in this area. Adding mirrors strategically reflect the room and enhance the perception of light reflections so add in a beautiful mirror into areas that reflect off natural light beams. High gloss services are also great to welcome in natural light and this is great for any space and cupboard options be it bathroom, living room, kitchen or bedroom.

Permanent enhancements

Budget dependent, nothing beats the possibility of skylights and windows that welcome in any amount of light that is desired. This can be a financial investment but if you are not limited by money, then certainly look at retractable glass doors, additional windows, expansion of existing window frames and skylight options for any part of the home. When flooring poses and threatens natural light, certainly you wish to have lighter flooring options installed. High gloss tiles, light colored carpets and touches of mirror and marble effects in tiles all reflect light.

One’s home need not be limited because of any structural, aesthetic and budgetary constraint. If you are going to paint the walls, it just means choosing carefully. You will need linen and curtain for windows either way. Again choice is the only difference that separates light welcomed or unwelcomed. Adding in natural finishes also gives a room or space a ultra-luxurious feeling of minimalism and contemporary style. Why not consider a lighter version of your space and welcome in light, naturally.

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Erin Emanuel