7 Ways to Cover Your Windows in Style

Windows let light into your home and let you gaze out at your gardens or street, but they can also be a privacy concern and the sunlight may be too direct. Window coverings have long been practical and an important part of the home decor scheme for each room in the house. To add style to your home while shading or shielding your windows, consider the following treatments.

Windows Style

1 – Colorful Roman Shades

Roman shades are cloth window coverings that can be pulled up and down by pulling cords that gather the fabric into a pleasing drape silhouette. When released, they can cover the entire window to block out light and maintain privacy.

2 – Shabby Chic Shutters

Add some country style to a room with shutters painted white or decorated in a distressed ‘shabby chic’ style. Shutters with adjustable louvers can block a lot of sunlight and provide complete privacy.

3 – Designer Fabric Valances

Find the perfect fabric to match your couch, bedding or kitchen towels and choose a valance in any number of lovely styles. Some are just short ruffles that can be installed over shades or sheers. Some valances are more architectural on a sturdy frame.

4 – Elegant Floor-Length Curtains

Nothing says classy elegance like fabric curtains that drape from the top of the windows all the way to the floor. Consider installing metal fixtures to tuck them behind to open or elaborate curtain tiebacks with tassels for a unique look.

5 – Eco-Friendly Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds or shades roll up and down to cover the window with a naturally looking material. They look great in casual rooms where the warm wood tones match the other furnishing.

6 – Decorative Window Film

Frost frosted privacy film to colorful stained glass looks, decorative window film can add to your home decor scheme without the need for fussy curtains. Perfect for front doors, bedrooms and bathrooms, they add a touch of beauty and easy style.

7 – Layered Sheers

Sheer curtains can be tied back, cascade straight down to cover the entire window or be looped up over the top rode to form a type of elegant valance as well. Consider layering them with different colors or textures for a very feminine look.

Combining your favorite style with practicality can result in some truly unique and wonderful window treatments. From traditional fabric curtains to stained-glass look window film, these 7 ways to cover your windows in style can fulfill all of your home

Erin Emanuel

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  1. It sure was nice when you said that you can use fabric curtains that can be floor length to cover your window in style. This is something that I will make sure to remember because I’m looking to shop for window coverings that can enhance the overall appearance of our living room. I will ask my husband to shop with me when I look for the best curtains. Thanks!

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