Warm Up Your Home with Carpet, Curtain and Accessories

The weather become colder and colder recently. The step of winter is closer.How to warm up our home is the thing we care most in home improvement. Except air conditioner and heating system, we can start from visual and touch –color, texture, feeling…

tips to warm up your home


Are you feel colder when walking on tiled flooring? In fact, we can do something to warm up your home –paving carpet. Bedroom, hallway, areas under sofa,rattanchair are common places to pavefurcarpet or cushion. Many people do not like to use carpet for it is difficult to clean and maintain. It will be easier when you find the correct method. You can check carpet cleaning tips here. Carpet is a quick and effective way to make your home warmer. You can choose to pave carpet in large area or use area rug in the area before sofa, under dining table or before bed. Area rug is easier to clean and maintain compared with carpet and home owner can change the color and style of rug frequently.

Bathroom is the most sensitiveroom in our home. Pedestal pancushion not only make people feel warm visually, but also improve the cold touch of skin when seat on the pedestal pan. Ground mat in bathroom is another method to reduce the cold trace of winter.


Except carpet, curtain is another option for home owners to block the cold of winter out of house. Then whatare the hacks to choose curtain in winter? We can start from the material, function and use environment of curtain.

People’s requirement to curtain in summer and winter is different. Light weighted, thin are the typicalfeature of curtain used in summer, On the contrary, heavy, thick are the feature of curtain used in winter. This is because heavy and thick curtain has good heat preservation performance. Cotton and linencurtain combines the merits of comfortableand warm touch, good light shading performance,anti-staticproof, convenient to clean. They are good selection for living room and bedroom. Gauzecurtain has good decoration effect and light transmission. It is widely used in living room and balcony. Silk, flockingcurtain are best choice in bedroom for good light shading and sound isolation performance.

We come to the color selection of curtain after decide the material. The first rule is that the curtain color must be consistent or contrast to the main color tone of home decoration. Children room is exception. Bright colored curtain will exciteyour children.


Except carpet, cushion and curtain, accessories also can create warm atmosphere in winter. Interior designer tell me that accessorieslike brown dining table, light yellow candle, resin carving, candelabrum, antique furniture, Europe and Americastyle home décornot only can add uniqueness to home decoration, but also can make people feel warmer.

The change of lighting also can create warm atmosphere for our home. When the weather turn cold, designer suggest that home owner to adopt warm colored lighting, yellow or red bedside lamp, table lamp, floor lamp etc.

Erin Emanuel