What Benefits Can You Get from a Whirlpool Bath?

What could be better than ending a hectic day with a good soak in a jetted bath? You will feel the tension knots in your body ease as strong jets of water unravel them. As the water massages your muscles, you can feel the tension dissipate. These are just some benefits of having a jetted bath at home.

Benefits of using a whirlpool bathtub

Stress can affect a person’s mood and physical and mental health. Therefore, relieving stress and unwinding after a hectic day are important. You can unwind better if you have a whirlpool bath or a jetted bath, which can give you an effective body massage that costs very little.

  1. Relieves aching muscles

Whirlpool baths provide several health benefits. One of the top benefits is massage. The integrated jets in the bath massage your muscles while you bathe. The whirlpool bath performs hydrotherapy stimulating your muscles and massaging you gently to ease pains and aches.

The pressure of the jets can lift your mood because they help your body release endorphins naturally. It also helps reduce the stress-inducing cortisol hormone, making you feel calmer and more relaxed. A high cortisol level in the bloodstream increases your blood pressure, so your stress level increases, too.

  1. Advanced technology

Several issues prevented the bathroom appliance from becoming popular in the past few years when whirlpool baths were still new. There were problems with proper draining, which led to bad odours and mould. The early models were also noisy. However, product development continued, and technological advances in designing and manufacturing resulted in a whirlpool bath with better drainage. They also fixed the issues with noise, rendering the bath quiet enough not to disturb you.

  1. Helps release toxins

The pores of your skin absorb pollutants while you travel and work. As you soak in a whirlpool bath, the jets of water open your pores to draw out the toxins the skin harbours, making you feel refreshed and cleaner.

  1. Helps you sleep better

Many people lead hectic lives, dividing their time between home, work, entertainment, and socialising. Therefore, their minds are still alert at the end of the day. If you belong to this segment, soaking in a whirlpool bath can make you calm down, regulating your body temperature to make it cooler, which helps induce sleep by increasing your body’s production of melatonin.

  1. They are safe and clean

If you have a whirlpool bath installed at home, you avoid using a whirlpool bath for public use, which can be risky because bacteria may be living in the bath. Moreover, they use chlorine to clean the baths. Chlorine can damage the bath’s pipes and hoses. You are sure your bath has clean and safe water because you clean it thoroughly.

  1. Helps reduce inflammation

The heated water helps give immediate relief from pain or discomfort. It increases blood flow, minimising the inflammation, aches, and stiffness in your joints and muscles.

You may find other benefits when you are already using your whirlpool bath. Ensure you purchase your bath from a reputable vendor to ensure its quality.

Erin Emanuel