5 Things an Interior Designer Won’t Tell You

Interior design is important because it sets the mood and the theme of any space. Any space is like a canvas where you put your ideas and make them come to life. Hiring an interior designer to do the job takes you off the load to choose for critical elements such as the textures, paint color, furnishings and other materials to be used. In this article, let us reveal some secrets of interior designers.

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1. No Rule in Designing

Certain known interior designers project a consistent feel to all their works. This features like a signature appeal on their style such that one look will immediately show that it’s been designed by a prominent pro in designing. However, do note that even if they leave a “trace,” most interior designers think out of the box and incorporate creativity to transform your space while considering your personal choices as well. Decorating is about breaking rules and being free.

2. Create Flow and Balance

Interior designers would always want balance and flow in between furniture and fixtures. For example, any furniture should not be pushed up against the walls. There should also be balance on the height of the space. Consider the ceiling as higher ceilings invoke depth in the room and this adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.

3. Don’t Always Trust Expensive Items

There’s no written advice that getting the most expensive pieces of furniture is key to interior design when faced with a lot of great items. In fact, interior designers are always in the hunt for budget-friendly pieces that will fit in beautifully. Interior designers do not tell clients that they get their favorite furnishings in their showrooms. Sometimes, they take inspiration from well-built and well-designed homes to build furniture from raw materials and create really well-constructed, timeless furniture.

4. No Use to Be Serious

People now are also more modern and are not afraid to find something unexpected once they walk in to someone’s home. Often, they are even pleased to see a playful surprise lurking behind the door. Interior designers prefer to have clients display their personal possessions as accessories in showcasing their adventures as well as their achievements. It’s never boring to place a colorful lamp and gigantic vases in stark contrast to the nude or monochromatic backgrounds. Decorating any space should be fun and spontaneous as trends come and go so people always want to go from change from time to time.

5. Create Comfort

Great visual design will be of no use when the room does not have enough comfort to provide to people. What matters most is to make the space livable. For instance, investing in the most attractive bed frame should be matched with sustainable and durable foam. In this way, interior designers would be credited to designing the space to be both functional and comfortable.


Whether it is a house, office, living spaces are considered as a reflection of your style and personality. Just know that these five basics are what every interior designer follows. If you then decide to be your own interior designer, following the same will be helpful to achieve a warm and cozy room with positive energy and harmonious personality. If you are not sure, take a picture of each space and analyze before putting some more decorations that will sum up to a statement.

Author Bio:

Ianna Reign Stevenson is a professional writer based in Brisbane Australia. A student of Interior Design, she loves to go surfing on weekends. Follow her on Twitter.

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